20 Years.

October 18, 2016

October 18th marks a somewhat strange anniversary for me. It’s not one that I’d expect anyone else in the entire world to remember; not even my dad. This year is a ‘milestone’ anniversary – although it’s not really one to celebrate.

Today marks 20 years since I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I’ve been diabetic longer than half my friends have been on this planet. Just over two-thirds of my own life. It’s crazy.

As I’ve mentioned in passing before, not everyone knows what diabetes is – or what the differences are between the two types of the condition. But even if someone is aware of the condition, they most likely have no idea what it’s like to live with it; unless of course, someone close to them suffers from it.

I put together a short video which gives a little insight into my experience with diabetes; what living with it day-to-day involves, what happened when I was diagnosed, and why living with the condition isn’t all doom and gloom. You can watch the video on my YouTube channel HERE.

I’ll be doing lots of research and projects around type 1 diabetes, particularly in young people, over the next 9 months for my graded unit in college – so you can guarantee that I’ll have lots more information and opportunities to get involved! I’m really happy with how the video turned out and I hope you’ll like it too :)

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