8 Simple Ways to Get Organised

September 7, 2016
get organised

I’m a messy person. In every sense of the word. I leave a trail of clothes and makeup products wherever I go in the house; I can never find any paperwork when I need it; trying to find that one t-shirt I want to wear ends in disaster. No matter how often I tidy, there’s always clutter lying around. It’s as though I don’t have enough storage for everything I own! When things around me are a mess, I feel as though my life is a mess. Feng Shui is clearly a thing, as I feel a lot more at ease when there’s less clutter around me. I’ve had some down time recently, and I’ve managed to do some little things which have made me feel a little more organised and tidy, without taking hours! Here are 8 easy ways to get organised:

1. Clear your desktop

I’m a nightmare for saving files to my desktop “so I can find them easily”. The only problem is, I have so many files on my desktop, that I can’t find anything! Whether it’s screengrabs for thumbnails, documents for college, or photos that I’ve edited, they end up sitting on my desktop for months on end. Well, not any more! As of last week, the only icons I have on my desktop are:

  • Recycle Bin (because I would feel weird if that wasn’t there!)
  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • Canon EOS Utility (so I can transfer footage from my cameras super easily)

That’s it. Those useless shortcuts for a million programs are gone. The screenshots have been filed away, or deleted if I no longer need them. The college work is all saved to my Documents folder. And I feel instantly better. That being said, I need a new desktop picture now that I can actually see it…

2. Organise your photos

This one applies to both physical and digital photos. I like to order prints online, because I love having physical photos to flick through. It feels so much more sentimental to me. HOWEVER. Can I ever be bothered to put them in pretty photo albums? Nope. I have numerous packs of photos stashed all over my room. Similarly, my digital organisation of my photos has no structure whatsoever. Put your favourite photos in frames (we all have at least one empty frame, right?) and spend an hour or so slotting the rest into an album. It’s quite therapeutic – and it gives you the perfect pick-me-up when you’re having a bad day! Digital photos are easy to sort. Get those folders named, and delete the duplicates!

3. Fill the iTunes gaps

Despite being messy, there are some areas of my life where I seem to have OCD-ish tendencies. Music is one of those areas. If any of my iTunes collection doesn’t have the correct metadata attached, I feel uneasy. It irritates me beyond belief. Other people, like my dad, just import their CDs with little or no metadata, and then wonder why they can’t find their favourite albums. Spend a little time going through the songs, and complete the missing information. Even having the album artwork on my iPod instead of that dreaded generic grey box makes me feel a whole lot better!

4. Keep your workspace tidy

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite for this one. It’s probably one of the hardest things to maintain. I use my desk constantly. Not only for college work, editing and blogging, but for leisure activities such as watching videos and trawling Twitter. My desk is also right beside my mirror, so there’s makeup on it constantly, as well as notepads, nail polish, my camera, and other general crap that hasn’t got a home. I find it really distracting when trying to work, especially when editing and you need to be 100% focused. Get into the habit of clearing your workspace before you start working – it may be a pain, but it’ll really boost your productivity!

5. Pair your socks!

This might sound incredibly petty and daft, but I can’t deal with having odd socks. That being said, if I end up with an odd one after doing my laundry, it gets shoved in my drawer until I can be bothered to hunt for its friend. And then I run out of paired socks, and I’m not a happy bunny. When you do your laundry, pull out all the odd socks from your drawer, and match them up. It’ll save you so much grief in the long run – especially if you have as many pairs of socks as me!

6. Have a wardrobe clearout

I recently cleared out my wardrobe, and ended up taking 2 bin bags to the charity shop with another 2 going straight in the bin. And it felt amazing! You know how there’s always those outfits in your wardrobe which fit you 3 years ago, and you dream of wearing again one day? Ditch them. By the time you feel comfortable in them, they’ll be so out of fashion that you won’t want to wear them. Besides, once you’ve got space, you can have a shopping trip for clothes you’ll actually wear! Be ruthless – if you haven’t worn it in the past year, get rid!

7. File that paperwork

Like most adults, I receive letters in the post fairly often. I’m pretty good at throwing out the junk mail – but what about the ones I actually need? They sit in piles, all around my room. Bank statements, payslips, insurance documents.. they’re everywhere, because I can’t be bothered to file them away properly. Once every couple of months, I sit down and file everything in my ringbinder – I have sections for bank stuff, health stuff, work stuff and other random letters. Not only do I instantly feel more organised, I no longer have piles of paper all over my bedroom looking unsightly!

8. A social media cull

I did this recently. It’s not something I do particularly often, but I felt so much better afterward. I love following people on Twitter – I love networking with other YouTubers and bloggers, as well as other media students and other contacts. But often, accounts that I originally found interesting become nothing more than retweet machines; not even interesting retweets, just rubbish! I went through the Twitter accounts I was following and cleared out lots of accounts that were either inactive or tweeting about things I have no interest in. I did the same on YouTube too – I often find that the life of a channel on YouTube is reasonably short. There are channels that I used to love watching, that haven’t uploaded in 6 months. Or others that have changed the direction of their channel; if you made comedy sketches, and now focus on horror gaming, it’s a bit of a shift! Nothing wrong with that, but the content no longer appeals to me. As a result, my social media feeds no longer feel clogged up with posts I don’t pay attention to!

Have you got any tips to get organised? I’d love to hear from you – drop me a line in the comments! :)

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