A Fresh Start

July 19, 2019
Blog post

I’m the sort of person who usually reserves a fresh start for a particular point in time. January 1st. The first of the month. A Monday. I’m sure lots of people are with me on that! I just think it feels more satisfying. But this time, I’m going against the grain.

Happy Friday, and welcome to the (hopefully) new and improved evidentlyevy.com! Clearly, it’s been a while since I last posted here. There’s been a few reasons for that, to be honest. I could spoon-feed you the usual tale about life being incredibly hectic and not having time to sleep, let alone blog. But there are thousands of other bloggers with more hectic lives than me, and they manage to do it.

In addition to being busy finishing university and getting back into the swing of full-time work (the joys) I’ve lost my creative mojo. I lost it a long time ago, being honest. I was praying that once uni was behind me, it would come bounding back to me like an overexcited Labrador. Unfortunately, I think it’s been lost in transit…

I’ve wanted to get back into YouTube since I finished uni, and 2 weeks ago I finally turned on my camera. I submitted my dissertation 4 months ago, but I’m a firm believer in not doing things “just because”. Whether that’s filming, writing, or producing radio content – if I feel obligated, my motivation and energy makes a swift exit. But I managed to find some enthusiasm, and after some initial faffing around with lights and making sure I was in focus, I recorded an update video which you can watch HERE if you’re so inclined.

The next step in Operation Fresh Start was to sort out this blog. I’ve thought so many times recently “I could write a post, but I’m not happy with how it looks” and I’ve been instantly discouraged. I impulsively bought a new theme after THE viral kick-up earlier this year, but despite trying out different options I wasn’t totally sold. There’s nothing worse that something looking okay, when it could look brilliant!

After a week or so browsing themes, I finally found this one on Etsy which I really like. It has a similar layout to the previous one, but it’s a lot easier to customise and it feels more ‘me’. Of course, I still need to optimise lots of little things, but overall I’m feeling pretty good about it all! No one wants to work in an environment where they don’t feel their best – why would a blog be any different?

Now that my fresh start has officially begun, what next? Well, in line with the existential crisis I mentioned in my video, I’m trying to re-discover myself. I’m trying to figure out my “thing” and my place in the blogosphere. And of course, I’ve bought myself a shiny new notepad for the experience. New stationery is mandatory for any new project of mine!

I’m working my way through various blogging resources, and trying to figure things out. I’m also attending a workshop in Edinburgh tomorrow, which I’m really excited about – it’s always good to meet other bloggers. And from a personal development perspective, I’ve never met anyone who’s attending. Comfort zone? What comfort zone?

Time management has never been my strong point, but in order to get everything done, I’ll need to work hard in that area. Like I said earlier, there are bloggers who work full-time and have partners and children and houses to look after. They manage to publish content frequently (how?!) so it can be done! But at the same time, I don’t want to pressure myself into creating content. Blogging is supposed to be fun, after all!

Here’s to a fresh start – and to a new era of EvidentlyEvy! xx

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