A Return to YouTube

A Return to YouTube

Yep, you read it correctly – I uploaded a YouTube video for the first time in forever (cue the Frozen singalong!)

I’ve missed blogging and YouTube so much over the past few months. I’m in the midst of deadline season; but whilst my graded unit project was taken away from me for provisional grading, I decided to shoot a couple of videos. I think that proves the point that I have to be constantly busy!

The video went live a few days ago, and you can watch it HERE. It’s a chatty little video; I find those somewhat therapeutic. In a sense, it helps me realise everything that I’ve recently accomplished or achieved – it can be so easy to feel unproductive if you don’t have something to show for your efforts (and this is something I feel far too often!) In the video, I talk about why I decided to take a break, my radio shows, university offers, and Summer in the City! If you watch the video, I’d love if you could leave me a little comment and let me know what you’ve been up to – I love interacting with my viewers and readers!

I’m hoping to have the other video edited and uploaded soon – but I’m not putting a deadline on it. That never works out well, as I’ve discovered!

I’m also hoping to shoot another video this week, but I’ve got a pretty busy week ahead of me. We shall see! :)