The A-Z of Me!

March 2, 2016

When I created my YouTube channel two years ago (how scary is that?!) I decided that I wanted the content to depict as much of my personality and my interests as I possibly could. After all, what’s the point in having a lifestyle channel where your own lifestyle isn’t reflected in your videos? As a simple way for my subscribers to get to know me, I decided to do an A-Z of things that I love and objects/traits that my friends and family associate with me. I filmed the whole thing in one afternoon a couple of months after my channel was launched; not only did I somehow manage to miss out a letter (not the first time I’ve done that!) but I hated half of the footage. It felt rushed, yet lengthy; and I scrapped the lot. I then decided to make a mini-series, so that my content wasn’t as rushed, and the video wasn’t 40 minutes long. Unfortunately, I’m not the best at scheduling – my on-the-go lifestyle means that I usually only have time to shoot one video per week, and although the first couple were uploaded in a timely fashion, the third instalment of the alphabet took a considerable number of months to see the light of day. The fourth and fifth were never even recorded. I watched back those videos a few weeks ago, and I hated them – I know everyone hates their old videos with a passion, but I couldn’t just pick up the series where I left off.

Those three videos have now been unlisted from my channel. There are links to them floating around this blog and in videos shot around the same time if anyone really wants to watch them (I wouldn’t bother personally!). I still loved the idea of having an A-Z of me; it’s hardly an original idea, but I thought it would be fun to make. I decided to make a much shorter version, which you can check out HERE. Some letters may be quite obvious, others not so much; but each letter gives a little insight into my personality and the things I love. Watching the footage back, I realised that the video makes me seem like a 12 year old – but I assure you, all the teddies you see in the background of my videos are on my bed all the time!

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