An Everyday Superdrug Mini Haul

February 3, 2018
Superdrug Mini Haul

I can be a bit weird sometimes. As much as I love watching beauty haul videos and reading blog posts on the makeup and skincare that people are picking up, I’m fascinated by the other little bits and bobs that you don’t necessarily see. I’m on a self-imposed ban in terms of buying new makeup (unless Jamie Genevieve’s MAC lipstick launches sooner than I expect, at which point I’ll be down Buchanan Street in a queue). But at the same time, there are so many other things that I pick up in Superdrug. And they all seem to run out at the same time.

I thought I’d do a little post on the more mundane items that I picked up in Superdrug recently. I’m a classic consumer – when there’s a bargain, I buy things in multiples – you’ll see for yourself! Obviously this post is going to be on the brief side; there’s not really much to say about cotton pads…

Speaking of which, let’s start off with them. I go through cotton pads like you wouldn’t believe. Like most people, I use smaller ones for removing my eye makeup or when taking off my nail polish, but I also use them when doing blood tests for my diabetes (we’re talking 5 of those a day here!) I tend to pick up the Superdrug own brand Cotton Wool Round Pads – they come in packs of 100, and do exactly as you’d expect! There are double-sided ones which you can pick up as well, but they’re a little bit more expensive (and to be honest, the cheaper ones are perfectly adequate for me!) You can also buy a multipack, which includes 3 full-size packs and works out cheaper – typically for me, there were none left…

I also use bigger pads to take off the rest of my makeup – and as I use oil-based cleansers, I can go through a few of them in one sitting to make sure there’s no product left on my skin. I find the Superdrug Cotton Wool Oval Pads to be an ideal size for the job. They come in packs of 50, so I tend to pick up 2 packs at a time (you can often get them on a deal, which I managed this time round – happy days).

Last part of the cotton wool chat, I promise! To be fair, I don’t tend to get through many of these – maybe I’m just a bit better at doing eyeliner now than I used to be! But I was running low on the own brand Cotton Paper Buds, so I picked up another box of 200. Cotton buds are the sort of product that you always run out of when you’ve made an absolute mess of your eye makeup – so I make sure I’m never in possession of an empty box :)

A firm repurchase on my Superdrug shopping list is the St Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub. I’ve spoken about this on the blog a million times, so I’ll keep it brief – I genuinely can’t find another exfoliator that leaves my skin feeling smooth and not irritated. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! I do find myself picking up the Invigorating one when I’m travelling, since it’s the only one that comes in travel mini form – it’s a bit harsher on my skin (as the name suggests) but for a few days a time, my skin can cope! I picked up 2 packs/tubes/bottles (what do you even call that packaging?) since it was BOGOF – to be honest, £5.65 is a bit much for this product, so I stock up when it’s on offer!

I’m really loving using sheet masks at the moment. I was a bit late to the party, not gonna lie – but I really like the Garnier Moisture Bomb ones. Again, it’s another product that I only tend to pick up if there’s a special offer (I’m a student, okay? I need to watch the pennies!) but luckily it’s something that’s usually on offer at one drugstore or another. I float between the Chamomile Super Hydrating Soothing Mask and the Lavender Super Hydrating De-Tiring Mask – although I think I prefer the Chamomile one, my skin needs a lot of soothing with this horrible weather. Some people like to pop on a sheet mask and carry on doing their thing for 15-20 minutes; I prefer to down tools and chill on my bed with some music. Ticks the self-care box off the list! Besides, if I caught sight of my face in the mirror whilst going about my business, I’d probably give myself a bit of a fright…

Because I picked up 3 skincare products, I received a free bubble face mask from Skin Republic. I won’t link it since you can’t actually buy it, but there’s plenty in store if you’re doing a skincare haul! I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s made in Korea and includes charcoal – both brownie points from me!

Next on the list is nail polish remover. A riveting subject, I know, but these are things I like to know about. I’ve been using Sally Hansen Moisturising Polish Remover (for dry, brittle nails – I can’t find the link to show you!) but I feel as though my nails feel even more dry than they did before! I go through phases of painting my nails pretty frequently, so I go through a lot of nail polish remover (the smell drives my dad nuts). I imagine that frequent use isn’t ideal for nails, but people go to salons all the time, so it can’t be that bad! I’ve decided to try the Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover, which is designed for weak nails (which I DEFINITELY have). There was a really good range of Cutex removers in Superdrug, so if you’re looking for a new one, I’d suggest taking a look.

Another constant repurchase for me – conditioner. Now that my hair is longer (which I am living for, by the way) I’m naturally using more hair products. I condition my hair in every wash, and try to deep condition once a week. I’ve used John Frieda products ever since I first got my hair bleached (over 6 years ago, for the record) and find their Luxurious Volume Colour Care Conditioner to be one of my favourites. I need a conditioner that will help maintain the colour of my hair (with the help of a silver shampoo every so often) and will also give my hair a bit of OOMPH. It’s flat as hell, so you’ll rarely see me without any products in my hair! I love the Luxurious Volume range and have quite a few of their products in my inventory.

Last, but definitely not least – LASHES. My new obsession! I’ve mentioned these in a video recently, but I can’t quite remember including them in a blog post. I love Eylure, okay? I never used to bother with lashes, because I’m quite lucky that my own lashes are really long and voluminous anyway. But I now feel as though lashes really finish off an eye look – and this is definitely the outcome of seeing myself wearing them when applied by a professional! I stocked up on the Eylure Accent 005 Strip Lashes – they’re 3/4 length, so there’s no need to trim and they’re easier to apply for newbies like me. It was 3 for 2, and I’m experimenting with other lashes too, so I also picked up the 003 version (which I can’t find on the Superdrug site for some reason) – same length, but more fine and natural looking. I don’t know if they’ll look like much with my own lashes, but we’ll see!

That concludes my mundane mini-haul – what boring beauty products do you rely on?


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