August Shopping Haul!

August 26, 2014

So my friend and I have a tendency of going on shopping trips together whenever she’s through in Glasgow – and considering she’s moving to Canada in a week, I thought a blowout spree was the only way to go! Here’s a quick run-down of what I’ve been splashing my cash on…

P1020474 P1020473

First up, we have 2 cardigans from H&M – I’ve been saying for forever that I need a black cardigan (it’s one of those things that’s in every girl’s wardrobe, and I have no idea how I’ve managed without one for so long). They’re such a bargain as well, so I bought one in a camel shade too! I’m a big fan of mustard and camel shades, they make me feel like it’s autumn and time to get all cosy and cute :) Next up, has for anyone who has watched Zoella’s recent haul video (link here: ) – how awesome is the mustard jumper she bought from Joy?! The blouse is super cute too, and I love that cute preppy look. I decided to take a trip to Joy to see how it looked on me… yeah it wasn’t quite as adorable on me! The particular cuts of the clothes weren’t very flattering for my shape, so I’m on the lookout for a mustard jumper elsewhere! I spotted this grey one in H&M and decided to try it on with the intention of seeing whether it comes in mustard later… It’s a much better shape for me, so I bought it in grey on the spot :) I’ve just had a look online and it doesn’t come in mustard, but it’s early in the season! I’ll keep my eyes peeled…


Feel like I’ve caught up with the times, I’m gonna be able to use Skype! I have friends all over the place and I never get to see them, so hopefully this will help. You might even catch me doing YouNows at some point! I’m gonna be doing some other super awesome stuff that I’ve never done before… more to follow soon!


I saw this denim skirt in Forever 21 and thought it was something different for me. I never really wear skirts or shorts unless I’ve got black tights on underneath, but it was sunny and I had some shorts on so maybe I was feeling summery! I figured it would go really well with a white sleeveless blouse or something for going out with friends :)


P1020470 P1020468

I had the most awesome time in Urban Outfitters! I went in with the intention of picking up some random bits for my room, but got totally distracted by the £10 yard sale – all sale items were £10 or less! The tee is so cheery, plus Little Miss Sunshine is one of my favourite films EVER. It’s Official Little Miss merchandise too. Those shorts are honestly a godsend to me! All summer I’ve been looking for a pair of denim shorts, in any wash, that aren’t hotpants. And I’ve failed miserably. No matter whether they sit on your hips or your waist, every pair of shorts on the high street stops at your bum. It’s not like I have a massive bum or anything, it’s just a bum! Every girl has one part of her that she doesn’t like, and for me it’s the top of my legs, so you can see my problem! These shorts are brilliant, they come halfway down my thighs and they’re so comfy. £10 for each item!



I can’t ever go into Superdrug and come out empty handed – although I did go in with the intention of picking up some Tanya Burr lipglosses! You guys might already know how much I love my Exotic Island one, well I picked up another two – Chic and Let’s Travel The World. Chic is a gorgeous nude colour which Tanya talks about in her latest What’s In My Bag video (link here: ) and I never really do nude lips unless I’m not wearing any lip products – even my lip balm is tinted! Let’s Travel The World is a lovely bright orangey-red colour – it’s another shade that I’m loving recently, I go through phases with it! Superdrug were also doing a sale on John Frieda shampoo, which I live on… and why would you buy the ordinary size when the salon-size is more cost effective?!



After all that shopping, my sugar levels took a dip… not good for a diabetic! Whilst in the shop picking up some bits to fix my sugar levels, I found one of my favourite bags of sweets (which I can only ever find in Sainsburys for some reason). it’s basically a big bad of Drumstick lollies in sweet format, they taste so good! So far I haven’t tucked in, although the temptation is killing me…

I’ll post the links to the items I bought down below. I can’t find the Urban Outfitters links because it was sale stock, sorry! Also my new video went live yesterday, it’s the second instalment of my A-Z where I talk about my favourite hair products, games and magazines! You can watch the video here:

See you all soon! X


H&M cardigans in black and camel
H&M jumper in grey
Trust Primo webcam
Love 21 dotted denim skirt
John Frieda Sheer Blonde moisturising shampoo for light blondes (for some reason they don’t stock salon-size online)
Tanya Burr lip gloss in Chic
Tanya Burr lip gloss in Let’s Travel The World
Swizzels Drumstick Squashies

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