A Beauty Vlogger Recommends

May 25, 2016

The internet is saturated with lovers of all things beauty. Everyone has their own go-to brands and products that work best for them, and a simple search online will throw up thousands of reviews on your chosen item by just as many beauty vloggers and bloggers. But when there are so many recommendations available for the taking, who do you actually listen to?

We all rely on the suggestions of others when it comes to making purchases; it’s a concept that isn’t limited to the beauty industry, as websites such as TripAdvisor and Which? have proved. But when it comes to picking up skincare or beauty products, I find myself trusting the opinion of individuals I’ve never met (some of them anyway!) I have no idea how their skin tone compares to mine, or how thick their hair is; but because of the way they describe or demonstrate the product, and how well it seems to work when they use it, I’m inclined to pick it up and try it for myself in the hope I’ll suddenly look as incredible as they do. Who wouldn’t want to have the flawless look of a beauty vlogger?

Of course, we can’t ignore the concept of sponsored videos or blog posts – it’s a well-known fact that many online content creators make their money by working with brands on promotional deals. But the vast majority pride themselves on working with brands or products that fit well with them, and this makes the content more relatable; if by some miracle I become a successful vlogger who has the opportunity to work with brands, I can guarantee you it won’t be fitness equipment unless I have some sort of health-kick epiphany in the meantime!

We’re all influenced by different individuals. No matter how much you try to deny it, if your favourite YouTuber loves a product, it’s quite likely that you’ve considered trying it yourself. In terms of beauty products, I have three particular vlogger/bloggers whose opinions I trust. There’s no one reason why I seem to listen to what they say, it comes down to an amalgamation of factors. I find each one relatable in a different way, they all have their own personal style, they look stunning in the process, and they don’t constantly use products that are out of my price range. Considering their perceived beauty vlogger status, they also don’t limit themselves to just making beauty videos and posts, which I really like.

I’ll start off with the most popular of the three. Tanya Burr is a successful YouTuber and blogger; not only that, but she’s also an author and the owner of a cosmetic range. I’ve been watching Tanya on YouTube for years now; I’ve always found her content very enjoyable to watch because of her bubbly and friendly personality. She comes across as someone you could visit on a Saturday afternoon and bake cupcakes with (or she could bake and I could eat, I suck at baking!) I think I value Tanya’s opinion because of the quality of her own cosmetics line – you guys know that I’m a huge fan of her lip glosses and her nail polishes! I’ve picked up quite a few products based on Tanya’s recommendations, mainly items from Revlon following a sponsored video she did at the end of 2015. I like the fact that Tanya’s skin isn’t perfect; I’m always dubious about a foundation when it’s being used by someone whose skin is practically flawless in the first place. Following her video, I picked up the Revlon Colorstay 24-hour foundation (which I believe now comes with a pump!) and also the matte lip pencils. Prior to that, I’ve tried a few different concealers that I’ve seen in her videos too – although Maybelline Fit Me didn’t quite work for me, I’ve stuck with Rimmel’s Wake Me Up concealer – a firm favourite of many!

Another favourite vlogger of mine, who I only started watching in summer 2015, is Helen Anderson. There’s something about Helen that I just LOVE – she has this bad-ass attitude where she just does her thing and doesn’t care what people think of her. She has a sense of style that isn’t necessarily to everyone’s taste – a lot of the clothes she buys, I could never pull off – but she always looks incredible. She’s always dyeing her hair and rocking different looks – I think I love Helen because I want to be her! She’s tattooed, she’s pierced, she sings in her own band, and she has the cutest dogs ever! Helen isn’t afraid to try bold makeup looks, but at the same time can also rock a natural daytime look. I bought my favourite lipstick ever based on Helen’s recommendation – that would be Persistence by MAC, it’s an earthy-brown matte shade that goes with me everywhere. If I had the money, I’d also be buying the Kat Von D products that she raves about! I’m hoping to meet Helen at Summer in the City this year – I briefly met her last year with my friend Matilda, but I had no idea who she was back then.

The final of my favourite three is Cherry Wallis. I’ve been watching Cherry for a couple of years – I think I found her through Twitter, then fell in love with her channel. Cherry comes across as such a lovely, sweet person; and I can confirm that she’s the exact same in the flesh, as I met her last summer! I love Cherry’s channel because she’s very relatable; she shops in New Look like every other girl in the UK, and she’s even done Primark hauls. She’s your typical British young adult. As well as doing regular makeup tutorials, Cherry also does special effects makeup – and she recently uploaded a series of makeup looks based on the Harry Potter houses. I trust Cherry’s opinion because we already own a lot of the same products; we use the same foundation, as well as other bits and bobs. It’s always reassuring to know that someone who looks incredible uses the same products as you! I bought my Impassioned MAC lipstick after seeing it in one of Cherry’s videos. I don’t use it as often as my Persistence one, but Impassioned is a much brighter shade – it doesn’t go with quite as many looks! I also recently picked up the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub following a tour of Cherry’s makeup bag – and I wasn’t disappointed.

That’s just a quick insight into the beauty vlogger and blogger influences that help me the most – let me know in the comments whose opinion you value! :)

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