Dress Shot (sort of)

Dress Shot (sort of)

As promised here is a photo from my work Xmas party – you can only see the top half of the dress, so I’ll link it as well!

The dress is forest green with an asymmetric peplum and a metallic belt – when the dress arrived I was a tad sceptical about the belt but it looked amazing when actually worn. The choker is velvet with a green teardrop stone, and I opted for black platform heels and a black bag (I despise bag shopping like you wouldn’t believe). In terms of make up, I finally got round to trying the green Maybelline eye palette I showed off in my beauty haul video, using a light green at the inner corner and blending into a darker green on the outside with a touch of yellow to highlight in the middle. Usual black eyeliner and mascara to finish it off, teamed with nude lip gloss (Tanya Burr obv) and a dark green Maybelline nail polish that I found completely by chance when stocking up on supplies in Superdrug last week. I also found a new Tresemm√© product (well, it’s new to me anyway!) called Backcomb Dust which falls under their Texture Style range, so it results in more texture than body. You definitely only need a little though, as I discovered when trying to brush half of it out before I went out!

The night was awesome; some little things dampened the night but overall everyone had a fab time :)

ASOS dress

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