The First Four Months of 2020

May 18, 2020
Blog post

Hello! It’s been a little longer than planned since my last blog post – and it appears that I have a LOT to catch you all up on from 2020. I hope you are all safe and well – I know that the past few months haven’t exactly gone to plan, thanks to the C word! I’ve seen so many tweets about cancelled holidays, weddings and all sorts. But at the same time, it’s refreshing to see people finding happiness in the little things. Who’d have thought banana bread could be so powerful?!

If you read my post on My Goals For 2020, you’ll know that I hoped to return to blogging in early 2020 now that some of my additional volunteering responsibilities are heading out the door. Clearly, that hasn’t happened! There are two main reasons for the radio silence (pardon the pun!) Firstly, those responsibilities haven’t quite vanished as quickly as I’d envisaged. Things are winding down, but I’m currently recording my radio shows from home. It takes a lot longer than being sat in the studio, so I haven’t had as much free time as I’d like!

The second reason is a lot more significant.


Orchid on window ledge

It’s news that I’ve wanted to share with you for MONTHS. And if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll be well aware of the change already. I planned to do a big blog post revealing all, but it’s taken a couple of months to get things organised. I still haven’t got things looking the way I want! I’ve only been officially living here since lockdown kicked in, so I haven’t had the luxuty of nipping to the shop upon realising I need something. That being said, I’m SO excited to be beginning this new chapter of my life.

It’s been a hell of a transition to be honest. I went from casually moving my things in my spare time, to living and working here, to lockdown. It’s a bit strange! But I now have Netflix and Disney+ to keep me entertained. And there’s gonna be one hell of a belated flatwarming once restrictions are lifted, neighbours be warned…

In terms of my other goals…

Have I ditched the makeup bag?

Not technically yet – but I’m sorting my collection into acrylic storage in my Alex drawers/dressing table, so we’re getting there! That being said, I’m not really leaving the house – so makeup is generally reserved for video calls with work or friends. My skin will thank me at the end of all this!

Have I kept dancing?

In a sense! Again, the C word has put paid to many leisure activities at the moment. However, I’ve been able to take some online classes. It may not be the same as being in a studio, but it’s been a good way to stay active. Thankfully I don’t have that much furniture to move! Although, I’m on the top floor, so I can’t really jump around. Dance Glasgow have been streaming classes on Instagram – I’ve taken a couple of ballet and stretch classes. And I’m loving Janette Manrara from Strictly – she’s streaming party ballet workouts on her YouTube channel. I’ve also signed up to 20DV – the online tutorial platform from Diversity. It’s been a long time since I did such intricate choreography, but it’s coming back to me slowly!

20DV on laptop screen

As a side note though, I have just joined TikTok – and there’s plenty of dance challenges I’m desperate to try! If you’re on there, give me a follow to see how I get on. I resisted the urge for so long, but I needed a distraction with everything going on. I’ve lost a lot of hours. I’m way down the rabbit hole.

Have I become organised?

I was doing so well! The Erin Condren LifePlanner has been so useful in terms of planning out my time and helping me keep track of appointments. Since moving, it’s gone out the window – ironically when I probably should be using it the most. I’ll dig it out the box and leave it on my coffee table – then there’s no excuses!

In terms of the usual suspects, I definitely still need to drink more water. Spending less time online/seeing friends more is way off for obvious reasons. I’m feeling so grateful that video calls are so easily accessible! Mental health is a strange one too – I’m definitely looking after myself more, but again it’s taking a battering like most people right now. Accepting that off days are going to be more common for the next little while has helped me a lot.

That’s just a little update from me. Taking some annual leave and processing everything that’s going on has given me a bit more motivation to be creative. We’ll see how long it lasts – but I won’t be pushing myself too hard. And you shouldn’t either.

How is your 2020 going so far? xx

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