Flouting the Christmas shopping ban

December 17, 2014

So every year before Christmas (and my birthday) my sister places a ban on me buying things that I want – mainly because I’m fortunate enough to just buy something straight away if I like it, and then everyone is absolutely stumped on what to buy me as a present. I sort of got away with it this year because I was away in London for a few days, although I behaved myself and only bought things that I wouldn’t find back home in Glasgow. First stop was Drop Dead (as always) where I picked up the most amazing kilt!


It’s rather ironic that I bought a kilt in England, but never mind. I absolutely love this – it’s actually a kilt for men but I own so much DD menswear because it’s perfect as unisex. It’s a wrapover style which you might be able to see at the waistband, and its obviously asymmetric… it’s a tad short at the shortest side, so I’ll be wearing this with opaque black tights to protect my modesty! Ideal for wearing to a ceilidh (although at the moment I’m not going to any, so invites are welcome!)


I also picked up this menswear tee with a moth/wasp/insect-type detail – it’s sleeveless but the sides are quite low-cut so I can wear a crop top or bandeau underneath. DD have some incredible prints, I could literally buy the shop!

P1020566 P1020567

I also stumbled across a House of Holland sample sale and came away with jeans and a tee for £5 each. I couldn’t believe it! Henry Holland is one of my favourite designers, I have loads of pieces from his Debenhams line and I love his collab line of hosiery with Pretty Polly so I was over the moon when I found the pop-up shop. Don’t get me wrong, the jeans are far too long (but I can rock a turn-up look, right?) and I haven’t actually tried on either item (the tee will be fine, but I’m having concerns about fitting my rear end in those jeans).

I managed to avoid spending money in the duty free shop at the airport, although I did spend a good 20 minutes at the MAC section… so it was inevitable that when I went into the Glasgow branch to pick up something that I walked out with 2 eyeshadows for myself!


I’m forever saying to myself that I should be more adventurous with my eye makeup – so I went with a yellow and an orange-gold combination. I’m thinking those with a nude shadow up to the brow and a thick black eyeliner and I’ll be sorted! That’s the plan anyway… MAC is a dangerous shop, there’s so many products I want! I almost ended up with a concealer too as I’ve heard amazing things about their concealers but I’ll save that for next time.

With Christmas being next week, and my annual sale shopping with my good friend Hazel coming up a few days later, you know there’s gonna be another haul post very soon. Unless there’s something very wrong with this year’s sales. Or my paycheque doesn’t go in. We’ll see!

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