Hello March

March 1, 2018
Hello March

I should be writing this post in milder temperatures, since we all know that March equals Spring. It’s not really feeling that way this year, is it? I’m sat at the end of February, in the early evening, wearing my fluffy winter pyjamas and turning the heating up full blast. My little car is sat outside covered in snow, for what feels like the hundredth time this year.

How is 2018 treating me so far? It’s rather difficult to sum up, to be quite honest. Like everyone else in the world, there’s been good things and bad things about the past couple of months. I’m trying to focus on the good things, naturally.

I’m over halfway through the uni semester!

HELL to the YEAH. Officially, I’ll be finished classes by the end of March – I’ve got 2 assignments due in April, but assuming all goes well, I’ll have my Bachelor’s degree. Whether I graduate with my Bachelor’s or stay on to do my Honours year remains to be seen – I still haven’t resolved that dilemma yet. Pretty much everyone, including my tutor, is encouraging me to do my Honours whilst ultimately remaining on the fence, because “it’s entirely up to me.” I really hate when people use that phrase.

I’m going on holiday!

That’s probably the most exciting news I have to report. I’m absolutely buzzing! I’ve been saying for literally years that I need a proper holiday; after all, the last time I was abroad was 2010 for Christ’s sake. I’m quite particular about who I go away on breaks/holidays with – I don’t have a high tolerance for people, as horrible as that sounds! I’m not even huge on staying over at other people’s houses; I need my space, so the thought of a week away with loads of people is just horrendous. My relationship hit the skids last year, so a holiday was never going to happen on that front – so my sister and I have booked a girls’ holiday to Tenerife at the end of May. Bikini shopping (and exercising) has already started! I’ve also discovered that there’s a Sephora in the north of the island, so there will be a pilgrimage happening…

Call me Curly Sue

I invested in a Mark Hill Pick ‘n’ Mix wand at the beginning of January. I had my hair curled for my sister’s wedding in October – I was pretty certain that my hair wouldn’t hold curls, because it never has before; but peroxide works wonders! I’m absolutely loving wearing my hair in corkscrew curls. I’ve been a little frustrated with my hair recently – as much as I love being platinum blonde, and having longer hair, it’s just… there. Perfectly straight, all the time. So it’s been great to change it up a little. Still don’t understand the point of three finger gloves though, a full pair would have been much more helpful!

My friends are the best

I’ve never been the most sociable person in the world; pretty much everyone would describe me as “the quiet one” or “the shy one” (feel free to disagree in the comments!) I think I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, but I feel as though I distanced myself from a lot of people last year. It wasn’t intentional; I was going through a tough time, tougher than most people realise, and talking to people just wasn’t high on my agenda. But since the start of the year, I’ve managed to reconnect with some old friends. I’m trying to be a little more sociable – I ended up in a club for the first time in a year a couple of weekends ago (that didn’t end well). I’ve also got a night out planned for the next 2 weekends. That might sound like normality for some people, but I really do tend to keep myself to myself. My friends have been really understanding – I don’t know where I’d be without them.

I’ve been lost in music

My Spotify has been playing constantly whenever I’m at home. I’ve got one of those little Sony Bluetooth speakers – the sound is fab. I’ve still been blasting Pete Tong & The Heritage Orchestra; honestly, I can’t rave about his music enough. It’s playing as I type up this post, actually. I’ve also had the Don Broco back catalogue on repeat since last week. I saw the guys in concert at the Barrowlands, and I had the pre-gig fear that I didn’t really know the new material. The gig was outstanding – Don Broco always know how to put on a show. And Rob Damiani – he’s always been easy on the eye, but oh damn! I think he’s the only guy in the world that can pull off those curls (check out his Insta if you don’t know what I mean). The new album Technology is brilliant – it’s great if you enjoy a dance as well as a mosh. Otherwise in music… there’s been a lot of Britney’s Work Bitch, and Dua Lipa’s New Rules. New Rules has been the anthem for the past 6 months, pretty much.

So, things have been pretty decent. Unfortunately, my mood has been somewhat tempestuous at the same time as all these great things. I always feel like Julia Stiles’ character in 10 Things I Hate About You whenever I use that word. Although, some would argue I really am the literal version of that character.

Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter how amazing things are. Sometimes, being in a crappy mood can take all those positives and turn a great day into a shitty one. I’m getting better at recognising when my mood is heading south; usually, it involves seeing something on social media, so I remove myself from Facebook and Twitter for a day or so. Out of sight, out of mind, right? I’m also getting better at recognising when my sugar levels are affecting my mood (20 years and I never realised that having a hypo makes me anxious).

I’m planning on embracing March in as positive a way as I can. I can’t control my hormones or my anxiety or what other people do on social media – but I can control how I react to them. There are some good things happening in March – next week, I have my follow-up DAFNE appointment (if you have no idea what DAFNE is, I wrote a post all about it). I’ve got the All Time Low concert in 2 weeks, and I’m beyond buzzing for that, because I’m meeting the guys before the show. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve met All Time Low now. But the guys are so lovely. I just hope the lighting in the SEC is decent for selfies.

March is also a pretty heavy month for uni workload. I have 2 practical classes this semester, so there’s a lot more recording and editing involved than last time. Less essays, but I’m still doing a lot of writing – if you follow me on Twitter or Insta, you might know that I’m writing a radio drama. Lots of scripting. It’s not a cheery drama, either. But if I can get through March, then April will be a breeze!

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