I got hacked?!

March 24, 2016

I’ll keep this post brief, since it’s actually a re-upload of something I uploaded earlier this week.

If anyone visited my blog last weekend, you might have noticed that it didn’t look quite right… I got a bit of a fright when I tried to log into WordPress and discovered that my blog had been hacked. It really shook me up; partially because of all the hard work that I’ve put into it over the past 2 years or so, and also because less than 2 weeks earlier, my PayPal was also hacked.

Luckily, my web hosts were able to resolve the problem and everything has been fixed. Thankfully nothing was deleted or messed up, but a couple of posts I did earlier this week were wiped as part of a roll-back (hence this post right now!)

I’ve been working hard on some projects offline which I’ll be updating you on very soon – I’ve got a few days off from work and college, then in a week’s time I’ll be off college for a fortnight. I’, hoping this will result in more blog posts and more videos, but we all know my concentration levels (or lack thereof).

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