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Makeup Revolution Unboxing/Haul!

April 23, 2016

Given the hectic month which was documented in my previous post, it’s taken me a little while to film and edit this video! Like many other bloggers and vloggers (not to mention pretty much the entire UK population!) I’m obsessed with Makeup Revolution. I discovered the brand over a year ago, when I found out that a £1 eyeshadow can actually become a staple in your collection (Purple Heaven, for anyone who hasn’t seen that particular haul video!) Since then, the amount of products I’ve picked up has grown and grown – admittedly, I usually stick to their eye palettes, but I have been known to pick up their contour kits and the odd lip colour. I’ve even turned numerous friends of mine into avid fans of the brand as well!

I’ve been hearing lots of positive reviews about their Ultra Base Corrector Palette, but I’ve been having difficulty picking it up in Superdrug (thanks to the sudden explosion of popularity!) I decided to pay their website a visit over the Easter weekend; unfortunately the palette was out of stock there too, but I was fascinated by the sheer amount of products available for purchase. Understandably, Superdrug can’t stock every little product, so I had a lengthy browse whilst lying in bed – typically, I had a little (or in fact rather substantial) spree. Despite the bank holiday weekend, my order arrived in around a week – but since I wanted to open it on camera, and I was in the middle of decorating my room, I had to wait a little longer to finally tear it open.

Revolution Haul Photo 1

I could talk about Makeup Revolution for hours on end, but I’ve tried to keep the video fairly brief – I’m not one for gloating about my purchases! You can watch the video HERE – as you can tell from the photos, I picked up some eye palettes, lip colours and the cutest blush palette – but I also received a mystery bag of products! I’ll be posting reviews and lots more photos as I try out each product – I’m SO excited to try the Fortune Favours the Brave palette.

Hope you like the video – I’ll warn you, I’m a little excitable! Keep an eye out for the reviews on here as I work my way through the many shades :)


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