Mini Haul – September 2014

October 2, 2014

So last week, I decided to try out my brand spanking new lighting kit! It’s weird enough that I stand and talk to a camera, but try doing it when you have 2 really bright lights with massive softboxes either side of you. It’s gonna take some getting used to! I attempted to shoot a video, but when it came to editing I wasn’t really happy with the result – mainly because the makeup I had on didn’t react very well with the lighting! I’ve never really looked orange before… especially when wearing ivory make up. I did some online research (i.e. gazing over various foundations) and after some sound advice from a friend who knows her stuff, I was off in search of new make up! Although, I didn’t just come back with the make up… you guys know what I’m like! Here’s the results of my latest haul…


I found this top in the sale in New Look – absolute bargain at £6! If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see that I wore it last weekend out clubbing. I love the shape of it, because it’s not skin tight plus no one can really see your underwear from the side. That’s a major problem of mine (more to come about my clothing issues in a video soon!) I love wearing crop tops with high waisted jeans or a high waisted skirt, I think it compliments my shape really well :)


I headed over to Superdrug in search of a sale on Tanya Burr nail polishes to complete my collection (I’m terrible, I generally only buy beauty stuff when it’s on sale!) – no Tanya sale, but I got a good deal on John Frieda conditioner (I ran out and seriously panicked, I’m very loyal to my brands) plus I found these really awesome nail art pens from Models Own too. Haven’t tried them out yet, but I have a thing about monochrome so I got a black and a white – they also had bright pink which looked amazing.


The reason I went out shopping with a hangover in the first place (I’m blaming the hangover on my lovely friends). So I had a look online and everywhere I looked seemed to recommend MAC as the best make up for under professional lighting, either for photos or videos. And I happen to know someone who used to work for MAC, and she sang their praises too! The girls in the shop were so helpful and absolutely lovely, they know their stuff too (which is handy because I’m useless with make up!) They found the perfect Studio Fix shade for me and I loved it so much, I even bought the fancy brush to put it on with. Haven’t tried it myself yet, but when I tried it in store the coverage was amazing and it felt so light :) No idea how it’s gonna go with the lights, but it’s the second palest shade they offer so it’s pretty pale!


I’m actually wearing this hat as I type this blog :’) If anyone is reading this and doesn’t understand the reason behind the hat (as if)… Dan and Phil recently launched their very own online shop that ships worldwide instead of using other retailers. As tempted as I was by the signed poster, I didn’t really think I could get away with having a giant poster of them up in my bedroom – I am technically a grown up after all (besides, I already have the cartoon one signed and up on my wardrobe – idgaf). The llama hat was so cute! I saw it a few weeks ago and thought “I’ll never wear that” but I kept thinking about it and then I had a really stressful week a couple of weeks ago and decided if I want the hat, I’ll bloody well buy the hat! I’ve developed a strange attachment to it since then though, it’s honestly so soft and comfy! I’ll never look as cute as Dan in it, but no one could ever look as cute as Dan in it…


On that adorable note, I’m gonna go catch up on my subscriptions. Hopefully filming a few videos this weekend, so I can finallyyyyy get something uploaded for you guys! Links to products below:

New Look Cameo Rose red crop top
John Frieda Sheer Blonde enhancing conditioner for lighter blondes
Models Own nail art pen in black 
Models Own nail art pen in white
MAC Studio Fix Fluid (I bought shade NW13) 
MAC 190 Foundation Brush
Dan & Phil Llama Hat

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