Mini Update!

August 15, 2014

Soooo I figured I should do a little update post seeing as I’ve been a bit quiet recently!

It’s been a bit of a manic week, lots going on with work and family. On the work side of things, I have a new job! Not sure if it really counts seeing as I’m still in the same team in the same office doing some of the same things, but it involves a lot more analysis-type stuff. I won’t bore you with the details, but it gives me more money to save for fun stuff! :) Also next week I’m going to a Radio Masterclass that I applied for through GoThinkBig – if you guys have never checked out their website, I honestly recommend you do so by clicking here: There’s so many useful articles on there, plus loads of work experience and job opportunities in various fields. So I get to see a radio station in operation, I get to see how things are done… super excited! Radio is kind of like the unknown for me – apart from sitting in on and taking part in The Surgery with Aled and Dr Radha on BBC Radio 1 a few months ago, I have pretty much no idea how it all works. But it’s something I’m keen to learn about, which is also why I’m going a 10 week radio course at college starting in a few weeks alongside my 2-year media course. Plus I’m pretty friendly, so you might hear me on community radio or something once I know a bit more about it all! In addition to all that, I might be getting involved in some mentoring work through my job too. Always something to update on my CV! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s involved in it and seeing if I can help – if anything I know can benefit someone else, I’m all for it!

Next Monday is my birthday… not something I’m particularly fussed on this year tbh, there’s so much going on around me in my personal life right now that I’m not really in the mood to be celebrating! Butttt I am having a night on the town with some friends this weekend. They’re my support network to help me cope with getting older >.< I’ll hopefully take some photos and put them up on here or Instagram (probably Instagram first, those filters are vital after a few hours in a club!)

Other than that, anyone who follows me on Twitter will know how buzzing I was after going to Creator Day at Summer in the City last week. Can’t believe it was a week ago already! Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday, other times it feels like a lifetime ago. The joys of having a busy lifestyle I guess! If anyone wants to see what I got up to, I put up a video about the day on my YouTube channel earlier this week. Note from that video: I need to find another word to enthusiastically use other than “interesting”.

I’m gonna go try and find an outfit for tomorrow’s antics. Any suggestions welcome. X

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