My Goals For 2020

January 3, 2020
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Well, here we are again. Happy New Year! 2020 is officially upon us – and with that comes a whole new set of goals and expectations for not only the next 12 months, but for the next decade. At least, for some people – the thought of looking 10 years into the future is quite frankly terrifying for me.

I thought I’d be more pensive as we approached the end of a decade – especially since I was in a completely different place (literally!) the last time round. I’ve seen a lot of #2010vs2019 posts on Twitter, without feeling the need to share my own; although, it’s safe to say I wasn’t quite as good with an eyeshadow brush back then! I’ve grown a lot over the past 10 years, as I’m sure most people have. I’ve achieved things I never thought I would, and I’ve experienced things I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. But I’ve left the ’10s much stronger than I started them.

2020 is the beginning of a new chapter for me – one which I can hopefully share details of over the next month. I’m excited yet apprehensive, feeling prepared yet completely out of my depth at the same time. It’s going to be a challenging year to say the least, and a rather steep learning curve. My goals for 2020 are definitely geared towards this – whilst ensuring that I keep myself in check.

Get back into blogging – and stick at it!

The last few months of 2019 were incredibly busy, as I took on additional responsibility whilst volunteering. Now that I’m able to gradually pass that over to others, I’m hoping to make a sustained return to blogging. Those of you who blog know it’s not quite as simple as writing a post and throwing it into cyberspace; so I want to make sure I can walk before I start trying to run! One of my biggest goals for 2020 was to be more creative, and I think my blog is the ideal place for it. I might get back into YouTube later in 2020, but right now I don’t have the time to throw at it.

My Goals For 2020 - Ditch The Makeup Bag

Ditch the makeup bag

Like a lot of makeup lovers, I have a bag which contains all of my go-to products. It saves me a lot of time, as everything I need is in one place. But I often find that I get stuck in a rut with this approach. I never change things up; I never use around 85-90% of my makeup.

This year, I’m ditching the bag on the dressing table. I want to reach for products that I haven’t used in ages (praying they haven’t expired). I want to be more creative with my makeup. 2019 was the year of colour for me – and I received so many compliments for it. I want to feel inspired by my collection! Although I think I might stick with the simple approach for work…

My Goals For 2020 - Keep Dancing

Keep dancing

Dancing has always been my most (or only) enjoyable form of exercise. I started taking ballet classes at Dance Glasgow last year, and I honestly fell in love with it. Most classes are drop-in, so there’s zero commitment – but there’s also zero push to attend! Since completing my beginner blocks, I’ve only attended a few classes – but I’d love to get back into it. I’m hoping I can coordinate my schedule well enough to book in. Even a class or two every fortnight is better than nothing! Dancing makes me feel strong and empowered – a real confidence boost.

My Goals for 2020 - Get Organised

Get organised (again)

One of my biggest goals for 2020 (and pretty much every year) is to be more organised. I maintain that the reason I run around like a headless chicken is because I have no schedule. Generally speaking, if I have a plan, I stick to it. I tried out the method of time-blocking earlier in the year, and found it very useful. Of course, I then forgot to block out the following week, and it all fell apart!

This year I’ve invested in an Erin Condren LifePlanner to keep me on track. I’ll do a whole other post on my LifePlanner once it’s up and running. They’re custom-made, and I’ve opted for the hourly layout so that I can carry on time-blocking. I’m not artsy enough for a bullet journal, but I think my LifePlanner is a damn good alternative!

The usual suspects…

I also have the same goals for 2020 as everyone else. Drink more water. Spend more time with family and friends. Spend less time online. Read more. Look after my mental health. And I’m hoping that I can take baby steps with those whilst working on my main goals. It’s definitely not a case of ‘new year, new me’ as I’m pretty happy with how I am already. I’m just making some minor tweaks.

What are your goals for 2020? xx

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