My Urban Decay Naked Palettes – Ranked

February 22, 2021
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All beauty lovers have their go-to brands for particular products. I head straight for Fenty Beauty when doing my base. MAC has a monopoly on my lipstick collection. But the eyeshadow palette market is so saturated, it’s impossible to stick with one brand. That being said, I have a few brands that I know I can count on for high quality eyeshadow palettes – and Urban Decay is top of my list.

I bought my first Naked palette from Urban Decay back in 2017. You’ll have to read on to find out which one it was, but I can tell you it was accompanied by the Moondust palette! Since then, I’ve bought pretty much all of the Naked palettes. There are a couple that I haven’t picked up, but they’re definitely in the minority. Some have been used a lot more than others; and it’s not always the ones you’d expect! I find the vast majority of the shades to be both blendable and buildable – qualities you need when you’re as far from MUA status as I am. Each palette has a variety of shades that compliment each other well, and can be used to achieve both daytime and nighttime looks without needing a million different colours.

But which Naked palette comes out on top for me? The countdown is on…

urban decay ultraviolet palette

5. Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet palette

urban decay ultraviolet shades

Urban Decay really did something different with this palette; the futuristic shades are absolutely GORGEOUS. I adore Lucid, although I tend to use it more as an eyeshadow topper. The glittery shades are all so beautiful! I’ll admit it; I was a bit disappointed with Naked Ultraviolet after purchasing. The plan was to create some Euphoria-esque makeup looks. I bought little gems and everything! But I’m yet to master the application. Cool shades are generally more difficult to blend together – maybe that’s where I’m struggling. I’ve seen reviews and tutorials online, so I know it can be done. Maybe it just takes some practice (and a really good eye primer). I’m not giving up just yet – I refuse to be defeated by such a beaut product! It’s possible to wear this palette during the day, although the options are a tad limited if you’re using it this way. I wouldn’t pick it up purely for everyday use. Glam, colourful, night out makeup is definitely the focus of Naked Ultraviolet!

urban decay naked cherry palette

4. Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette

urban decay naked cherry shades

I was really impressed by the Naked Cherry palette, actually. Pink eyeshadow is one of those products that can either look super pretty, or super AWFUL. Not to mention, some pink eyeshadows cause staining! Not a good look, especially if you’re waking up next to someone else. But the Naked Cherry palette hasn’t caused any staining for me so far. Urban Decay have come through as usual! I use Caution as my transition shade, and add Feelz for a little bit of depth. If I want something a little lighter, I use Juicy to blend out – it’s such a pretty, girly shade! The shimmers in this palette are also delightful. For a touch of drama, or to go from day to night, I add Privacy on the outer corners. I do enjoy using a brown shadow for this rather than black – it can look a bit softer and more diffused, whereas black can sometimes be a tad harsh!

urban decay naked 2 palette

3. Urban Decay Naked 2 palette

urban decay naked 2 shades

When finding links for this post, I’ve discovered that the Naked 2 palette has been discontinued. Mine is nowhere near finished, as you can see, but I’m gutted! I’ve linked the Naked 2 Basics palette instead.

My OG Urban Decay palette! It’s the only one I have in the tin packaging – I much prefer the plastic casing they use now. I’ve had this palette for years (I remember perusing the Urban Decay duty free counter in Glasgow Airport for AGES trying to decide between the original three). This palette has been my go-to daytime palette ever since picking it up back in 2017. If I’m in a rush, or just want a touch of dimension, Tease is the perfect matte brown. Just pop a little in the crease and blend out! Half Baked is one of my favourite shimmer shades of all time (although the top spot has recently been stolen, keep reading…). I love adding in Snakebite for definition, then popping some Heavy Metal glitter liner on top of Half Baked (Midnight Cowboy ftw) for some extra shimmer. Add liquid liner and huge lashes, and you’re good to go! If you fancy something less golden, I’ve started using Pistol and Verve for a slightly cooler shade combo.

urban decay naked heat palette

2. Urban Decay Naked Heat palette

urban decay naked heat shades

Urban Decay really brought summer vibes with this palette! This is my go-to palette for grungy looks. Low Blow is my favourite transition shade. It’s warmer than the transition shades in the other palettes. Cayenne and En Fuego are perfect for warm, smoky eye looks – they blend like a dream. I don’t tend to reach for the shimmery shades in this palette, as I find they can look a little TOO warm on me, but on darker skin tones they look absolutely incredible. I do sometimes find that the shades can look a little stark on me, because I’m so pale. But a bit of bronzer ties everything together. I love Ashes mixed with the red and brown shades – smoky grunge at its finest!

urban decay naked honey palette

1. Urban Decay Naked Honey palette

urban decay naked honey shades

This palette is one of the more recent additions to the Urban Decay Naked collection, but it quickly stole my heart! There are clearly similarities between Naked 2 and Naked Honey; both are neutral palettes with golden accents. Naked Honey has a few different transition shades that I can use, already making it more versatile than Naked 2. The shimmers are more chunky/glittery than shimmery; which I love, but may not be everyone’s up of tea. I tend to stick with Naked 2 for daytime looks, and reach for Naked Honey for a bit more drama (hello Sting!) And because those glitters are chunky, I don’t need to add Midnight Cowboy for extra texture – cutting down time and products. The only dilemma I have (nearly EVERY time) is whether to stick with Golden on the lid, or go all out with Honey…

Those are my 5 Urban Decay Naked palettes – ranked! Do you agree with my order? What would you say is your favourite? xx

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