I need to stop shopping…

January 28, 2015

I always say to myself, “I’ll go into town for one thing” and come out with much heavier shopping bags (and a much lighter bank balance) than intended. Yesterday was no exception! The plan was to go shopping for a kid’s birthday present, and possibly stop by MAC to pick up a lipstick that Cherry Wallis has been loving. If I had time, maybe head to Boots for silver shampoo, and if I really had time to kill, maybe wander up to Forever 21, because I’d seen so many nice things when I was in last week.

Thankfully the birthday present turned out to be less difficult than originally planned, and Forever 21 ended up being less fruitful than anticipated (I don’t know why they move everything around so much in that shop!) Soooo I came back home with this lot…

First up was MAC.


Various people liken the store to a candy shop – you go in and you want to buy every product in every colour and you never come out with just one product (unless you’re broke and very unfortunate). Originally I was on the lookout for this one particular lipstick (it’s called Impassioned, for anyone who’s interested). The problem with MAC is, there are so many shades that are incredibly similar. I couldn’t actually find the one I was looking for, but typically I couldn’t leave without one… So I opted for a daytime shade called See Sheer. I’ve never tried MAC lipstick before, but I’ve heard only good things, so I’ll post a photo up when I’ve tried it out. Another product I was thinking about is blush, probably cos i recently invested in a Real Techniques blush brush! I have few different shades that I like, but again I’d never tried MAC and thought I’d give it a try. Lots of blush shades can end up looking quite harsh on my skin, so I went for a peachy tone (typically, called Peaches). It looks quite pink in the packaging but it’s not as harsh when in decent light! Again I think it’s ideal for a pretty daytime look.

I also went a bit nuts in Boots…


I went in with the intention of picking up some silver shampoo – I always go for the same one, but I decided to give the Bleach London brand a try (nothing to do with the fact that I’m seriously tempted to try out their pastel hair dyes…). I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve tried it! I had some time left before meeting my friend, so I wandered down the skincare aisles. Now, my skincare regime is incredibly basic. In fact, it just about exists and no more. I’m a massive fan of Simple products, because my skin is really quite sensitive and any perfumed or harsh products can cause absolute mayhem. Generally I just use a face wash or exfoliator, plus toner and moisturiser, but I’ve been watching a lot of beauty and skincare videos recently and everyone is swearing by eye creams. It’s not something I’ve ever considered buying before (after all, I look about 10 years younger than I actually am half the time) but I decided to take the plunge. Typical n00b, I had no idea what I was looking for. Soap & Glory to the rescue! They had a 3 for 2 offer on their facial skincare, so I walked out with the Beauty Sleep Accelerator night and flight cream (cos for some reason I’m starting to get paranoid about anti-ageing products and the fact that I don’t own any) plus the Make Yourself Youthful eye cream and the Bright Here Bright Now radiance booster. Again,  I’ll post reviews once I’ve been using them for a while, but OMG the Beauty Sleep Accelerator smells amazing! Literally good enough to eat. It has Peach K and GoJuice extract, so it smells like a smoothie.

I don’t have any plans to do any more shopping for a while, so hopefully my bank balance can recover a little. But then again, there’s always something new that catches my eye, plus I just got the new ASOS magazine in the post… :)


MAC Lipstick in See Sheer
MAC Lipstick in Impassioned (that I originally went in for!)
MAC Blush in Peaches
Bleach London Silver Shampoo
Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream
Soap & Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator Night & Flight Cream
Soap & Glory Bright Here Bright Now Energy Boost Balm

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