Q and A – We need YOU!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all good – I’m a bit hyper, I’ve just finished editing next week’s video (I know, how organised am I?!) and I’m SO excited for you to see it. It’s one that I’ve wanted to shoot for about a year, and I’ve finally done it! It’ll go live on Monday but in the meantime…

Frankie and I are shooting a collab this Sunday! We’ve decided to do a joint Q and A, and would love if you guys could send us your questions (or random dares, you never know what we’ll get up to!) I’ve made a video to go along with it, which you can check out HERE:

If you have any questions for us, leave a comment on the video, or tweet one of us! Check the amazing widget over there to tweet me super easily ————->

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! :)