Review: Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

May 21, 2016

It’s a well-known fact that my skin is really sensitive, so I’m very wary about trying out new products such as cleanser and moisturiser. I’m a massive fan of the Simple range (another fact that’s well-documented on this blog!) and I don’t tend to stray from that path too often – especially now that I’m a student and on a tighter budget.

Recently I wanted to give my skin some TLC, so I decided to pop on some Soap & Glory night cream that I haven’t used for ages – HUGE mistake. I woke up the next morning and my face felt tight and looked rather red. I rushed down to Lush to pick up my go-to Cosmetic Warrior face mask (it really is my saviour on occasions like this!) and I decided to have a browse through their other skincare products. Since Lush products contain only natural ingredients, and I’ve never experienced any issues with their face masks or bath products, surely I’d be safe with one of their cleansers?

As always, Lush have a plethora of different cleansers to suit different skin types. There were a few that caught my eye (and I’ll definitely be trying them in the future – especially Angels On Bare Skin) but in the end I opted for one of the most gentle cleansers they offer – Ultrabland. The name isn’t exactly the most appealing, let’s be honest; but since beeswax is one of the most gentle ingredients in terms of removing makeup, I figured it was worth a shot!

Ultrabland contains almond oil, honey and rose in addition to beeswax. It’s one of their most expensive cleansers at £7.50 for 45g tub, but it’s true to its name. White in colour and thick in consistency, it’s pretty much as bland as they come. But that in no way takes away from its quality; I often find with some cleansers that they don’t quite remove all of my makeup, especially if I’ve been using a medium or full coverage foundation. But Ultrabland removes this with ease; it even removes eye makeup with minimal effort. I also find that the tub has lasted for quite a while, as I haven’t had to use as much as I would have with other cleansers.

The only negative I find with Ultrabland is that it can feel slightly greasy on your skin when applied (considering the beeswax and almond oil, that’s not really a surprise). But once it’s removed with a damp cotton pad and a quick splash of toner is applied, I find that my skin feels CLEAN. Not irritated in the slightest, not red or inflamed, not greasy, but clean. Since I’ve been using it (together with my Cosmetic Warrior face mask twice a week for 3 weeks) my skin has really calmed down. I’ll definitely be re-purchasing this cleanser?

Have you used Ultrabland? Let me know what you think of it in the comments! :)

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