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April 26, 2019
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We’ve had a tiny glimpse of sunshine over the past few days, and I’m feeling in such a good mood as a result! A bit of sun makes everyone feel a bit better, doesn’t it? And with better weather comes the spring wardrobe (and an excuse to go shopping) but I think it’s so important to keep your skin in tip-top condition too – whether you’re showing it off or not!

One of the hot topics at this time of year (especially for females) is body hair. I can just imagine the Twitter debates! I think that everyone should be free to do what they please with their bodies without being judged or shamed – and for me personally, that involves silky smooth legs that I can show off in a little dress or pair of shorts (although if you’ve got a chub rub solution, let me know in the comments!) There are so many methods, products and services available on the market to suit every budget, from leaving it in the hands of a waxing professional to the Wet and Dry Epilator by Panasonic*. I love using a good body scrub beforehand as well to keep my skin looking radiant. I’m not a fan of fake tan, but it’s a must if you like to be bronzed!

Whether you’ve gone hair-free or not, it’s vital to keep your skin hydrated – alongside the obvious drinking of water (which I’m still awful at doing) a good moisturiser will help you on your way. For facial moisturiser, I’m still loving my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream (I don’t think I’ll ever find a better one) and I’ll sometimes pop a serum on underneath as well for an extra boost. For my body, I like to mix things up depending how much time I have. If I’m short on time (which is pretty much every day) I’ll use a body lotion that absorbs quickly so that I can finish getting ready; but at the weekend, I love taking my time with a good old body butter (The Body Shop are still my favourites in that category!)

And of course, one of the most important skincare steps – SPF. I’m as Scottish as they come – and I have the palest skin ever to go along with it. I burn so easily, so I have to be careful when I’m spending time in the sun. We should be wearing a facial sunscreen every day regardless of the weather – it’s a habit that I’m trying to get into! Luckily the Kiehl’s Daily Defence one absorbs just as quickly as their moisturiser without feeling greasy. Don’t rely on the SPF in a foundation!

I’ve also recently discovered the wonders of multi-masking – I’ve been using sheet masks for so long, I had almost forgotten what a good old clay mask felt like! The L’Oreal range are ideal for all skin types, depending on your concern – I’ve been using the Detox one and the Blemish Rescue one as part of my pamper routine. I’m hoping some sunshine will help banish any pesky blemishes, but I might as well give them a helping hand! I’m also using a salicylic acid facewash, which has helped my skin massively as well.

What steps are in your spring skincare routine? Do you change it up between seasons?

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