Spring Favourites: Fashion!

June 17, 2016

As I mentioned in my video, my spring favourites in terms of fashion are few and far between – it seems that all my shopping from the past 3 months has been in the beauty department! Spring in Britain is often all four seasons rolled into one; and although we escaped the snow this time, we certainly got the rest of it. For some weird and wonderful reason, Glasgow had a lot of sunshine in the month of May – to the extent that I even indulged in an ice cream one day! As a result, I ended up ditching the skinny jeans and exposing my milk bottle legs to the world.

Photo 10-06-2016, 22 25 13

My first favourite is a pair of cargo shorts that I’ve had for YEARS – these must be 5 years old, if not older. I picked these up in Republic (that’s how far back we’re going) from their SoulCal range. I have a bit of a thing for wearing clothes that either come from guys’ ranges in shops, or clothes that look more boyish; it’s not something I do all the time, but sometimes comfort wins! These shorts are so comfortable – they’re not restrictive at all (although I did pick these up when I was a little thinner than I am now – they’re a size 8 and they still fit!) and are perfect for lounging around in or going for walks in the sunshine. They have good-sized pockets on the legs too – the ones on the waistband aren’t so spacious, but the ones on the legs will fit everything you need!

Photo 10-06-2016, 22 24 12

Next up is a pair of shorts I picked up in Urban Outfitters last summer. I generally avoid denim shorts like the plague; I find that in a lot of shops, the phrase “denim shorts” is interchangeable with “hotpants”. It’s practically impossible to find a pair of denim shorts which don’t stop just below your bum – lots of people look fantastic in those styles, but I’m not one of them! Most of my weight is carried around my thighs and my bum, so they look SO unflattering on me. I prefer shorts that are a little longer – they look so much more flattering on me and compliment my more 50s-style figure (just as well I adore the pin-up look!) I found these shorts and thought they looked super cute – I love the ripped detail on the front and find that they are so comfortable.

Photo 10-06-2016, 22 23 27

My final fashion favourite is one that I featured in my video – I’ve been on the lookout for new trainers for ages. I bought a pair of Nike trainers around 5 years ago (which were actually optimised for dancing – they had a spot on the sole to maximise spins and everything!) and then I got a pair of Reebok white trainers with the fancy air-cushiony bits for the gym a couple of years back (the gym phase lasted a long time, the trainers are practically brand new). My Nike trainers have been ready for the bin for months – but I refused to throw them out without replacing them. I’d had a look at Vans (which I normally love) but I couldn’t find any that I really wanted. I ended up picking up these Skechers in town one day – you’ll have to forgive me, I’ve spent ages on the Skechers site trying to find these shoes to link them and I can’t find them! These are literally the most comfortable trainers I’ve ever owned; they have a memory foam sole which makes you feel as though you’re walking on pillows! I like wearing black trainers as they go with pretty much any outfit – but Skechers manufacture their trainers in so many different colours, you’ll definitely find a pair that’s perfect for you. If you’re looking for trainers for going running or hitting the gym, check out their collection online – they have trainers available for every activity.

That wraps up my fashion spring favourites – one more to go…

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