Stocking up in Superdrug

June 23, 2016

I did yet another haul in Superdrug recently. It hasn’t been too long since I made a Superdrug haul video, so I didn’t want to make another one! However, I did want to show you what I’ve been buying! I only went in for one item (which wasn’t even in stock, typically!) and I came out with lots of little bits and bobs. That being said, lots of these were repurchases of practically essential items! I don’t really feel the need the link to the tissues, but links are below for the ones I could find! :)

First up, we have Superdrug Emery Boards which come as a pack of 10. I tend to purchase the long lasting ones (which come in a pack of 5) but they were out of stock, so I opted for these ones instead. They’re a tad more flimsy than the long lasting ones, but they do the job! At 99p, you can’t really complain – and I’m not someone who spends fortunes on their nails. They’re perfectly adequate for me!

Next, we have Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner in Black Glamour – this was a repurchase for me as my last one was on its way out (and we’ve all felt the pain of trying to apply a liquid liner which is running out – it’s never a neat look!) Previously I used Rimmel’s Exaggerate Liner, but I found that the applicator wasn’t quite as fine as the Glam Eyes one. Initially I found it tricky to apply, but now I’m not too bad at it – I think we either excel at either pens or liquids, never both!

I also repurchased the Revlon Brow Gel and Pencil Duo in Dark Blonde which featured in my last Superdrug haul video (if you want to watch the previous haul, you can do so HERE). As I mentioned when I bought it originally, I’ve never been someone who does their brows. Mind you, that’s probably to do with the fact that my hair is peroxide blonde; if my hair was darker, I’d definitely have filled them in before now! I absolutely love this brow pencil – I’ve tried so many but have found this one to be the easiest to apply without smudging everywhere (whilst actually being able to see the difference!) The brow gel keeps everything in place too.

Moving onto nails, I picked up the most gorgeous Revlon Colorstay Nail Gel in Roulette Rush (which, typically, I can’t – there was a deal on Revlon products, so I decided to treat myself to a new nail polish! I love wearing vibrant nail colours in the summer months; and this is pretty much as vibrant as they come. It’s guaranteed to brighten up any rainy day! I haven’t tried this one out yet, but it serves as a base coat and colour in one – so I have high hopes!

I’m an absolute sucker for celebrity endorsements – and like a lot of people, I absolutely love Kylie Jenner. She may not be the most popular person on earth, but she’s not far off! I spotted that she’s endorsing some of the Sinful Colors nail polishes, I was sold! I picked up the most stunning turquoise shade in Kryptonite and also the Shine Top Coat of the same range. At £3 each, I figured they were worth a try. I was really impressed with the results – I found that both polishes dried very quickly, and the top coat gives the most glossy shine! There’s quite a few colours in the range – and I’ve definitely got my eye on a few!

I also stocked up on foundations while in store. First up is my everyday foundation for college or work, the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Ivory. I was planning to stop using Dream Matte Mousse and swap it for a liquid foundation, but it’s just so much quicker to apply! I apply it with my fingers (is there really any point using a brush or blender for a mousse consistency?) after primer and then run out the door – it’s super easy to blend, and we all know I’m a fan of everyday makeup that requires minimal effort! When I picked this up, there was a 2 for £10 deal on Maybelline, so I ended up buying 2!

The other foundation I picked up was also a repurchase. I featured the Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Ivory during my Winter Favourites – but it’s now even better. I’ve now discovered that they’ve added a pump! I find that using a pump minimises wastage – and no one wants to waste their foundation! I’ve found when using this foundation without a pump that it has a slightly thin consistency – so I end up trying to put some back in the bottle! Having the pump is a dream come true. I don’t have to use too much of this foundation to achieve my desired coverage, plus I love the fact that there are 2 formulas per shade. I use the combination/oily version, but there’s also one for normal/dry skin. So considerate!

The final product is a hair one. I have been obsessed with FAT Hair products for 2-3 years now – my hair is very VERY fine and trying to get volume into it can be a nightmare. I picked up the FAT Hair Amplifying Root Lifter (which, again, I can’t find on the Superdrug site!) ages ago along with their Amplifying Mist which thickens hair. Now, I use it after every single wash, and I notice such a difference to my hair. Despite using it constantly, I find that a bottle lasts for ages – although I always stock up when it’s on sale! I’ve found that Superdrug run a lot of offers on FAT Hair products – so I never ever need to pay full price (call me a scrounger if you want, I’m a student!)

That brings me to the end of my recent Superdrug haul – have any of you tried the Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner range yet? I’m yet to meet someone else who has tried them! Let me know in the comments what ranges you’re loving at the moment :)


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