Summer in the City 2015 in Written Form: Part 3

November 18, 2015

Saturday at Summer in the City was by far the best day for me; not necessarily for one specific reason, in fact there were so many reasons why the day was incredible. I got to meet even more of my friends, and so many more YouTubers than I’d planned to!

Frankie and I already had our wristbands for the weekend, so there was no point in heading to the ExCeL super early. Some of my friends arrived hours before the doors opened at 11am, they told me it was pretty packed early on! The Saturday event sold out rather quickly, so we arrived at the venue for around 10.45am. SitC is rather surreal in the sense that despite the thousands of people, you always seem to bump into your friends! We arrived at the doors to find my rather hyper friends Rachel and Micha, who had just encountered Dan and Phil being driven around the car park at high speed whilst looking rather lost. After they had calmed down, we walked in towards the expo hall, which was due to open around 5 minutes later. I was rather surprised by the lack of people given the scenes my friends had painted – although in that moment I turned round and bumped into Daisy, another of my friends! I then saw a mass of security heading towards us with literally THOUSANDS of people right behind them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people in such a small space.

After we entered the expo hall, Frankie and I headed towards the gaming section (Frankie’s an avid gamer, she has SO many more games than me!) and we ended up playing some form of driving game. If you’ve seen my vlog, you’ll know that it didn’t end particularly well. We also met up with my friend Nicole who is literally the luckiest person to have at a YouTube gathering! Frankie went off to attend a panel, so me and Nicole tried to get into Evan Edinger’s pun panel – it was full unsurprisingly, so we ended up watching Gamers vs Vloggers Mario Kart for a grand total of 10 minutes before getting bored and leaving. I had to pick up my wristbands for my meet & greets, so we went into the ticket hall and Nicole’s incredible eyesight spotted this legend:


I think that Chris Kendall (or crabstickz as he’s more commonly known on YouTube) is one of the funniest guys on the internet. I think his sense of humour is brilliant, although not necessarily to everyone’s taste. We went over to say hello and had a hug and a photo – he’s a lot taller than he seems in his videos! For some reason I always pictured him being shorter, despite seeing him standing next to other obnoxiously tall people. But he’s genuinely so lovely! I think one of the best parts of SitC was being able to say that all these people considered ‘famous’ in the industry are just normal folk. The ones I met were, anyway!

I picked up my wristbands and after we’d calmed down, Nicole and I ended up in another gaming event – I’ve never played Super Smash Bros, and I really struggled to following what was happening! We wandered in and tried to find a seat, and ended up sat right at the middle aisle in the middle of the room. Evan Edinger was playing up on stage, and we heard the commentator saying “Who hates Evan?” so Nicole shoves her hand up before I even realise what’s going on. The commentator runs over with the microphone and asks her how much she hates Evan, at which point I realised the commentator was actually Luke Cutforth. Luke Cutforth was standing right in front of me, talking to my friend. I dread to think what my facial expression must have been at this point in time! Luke runs off whilst we silently fangirled with open mouths and flailing arms all over the place – did that really just happen?! After the game finished, Evan was hanging around chatting to people, so we managed to say hello and get hugs and photos with him too. Evan is honestly the sort of guy everyone wants as their best friend. He’s hilarious, he’s adorable and he gives good hugs:


We had some time to spare after meeting Evan; given Nicole’s luck with meeting YouTubers, we decided to investigate the meet & greet area where Dan & Phil were having their meet up. We weren’t alone – about 50 other people had the same thought process as us so we all fangirled at seeing the tops of their heads together (again, apologies to anyone who received snapchats from me that day!) We then met back up with some of our other friends. I absolutely love the YouTube community, because a random collection of people from a Facebook group formed a Twitter chat (now known as the infamous Nugget Club) and although we were complete strangers, I now consider them all good friends of mine. Daisy took this adorable shot of us in the expo hall:


After fixing my hair and make up, it was time for my first official meet & greet of the weekend. I was really happy with our ballot results, because I’ve watched Cherry Wallis for ages and I think she’s one of the most genuine YouTubers on the UK scene. She comes across as one of those people who would make a perfect best friend (even if you always felt like the ugly duckling stood next to her because she’s stunning!) Meeting Cherry was amazing; she’s so down to earth and adorable! She’s a similar age to me and it was so lovely to chat to her for a minute or two. She had the prettiest dress on; it was white and silver and sparkly and it looked incredible on her (the sort of dress that would make me look like an alien but she looked gorgeous). It’s just a shame that the SitC volunteers had absolutely no idea how to work a camera, because this is the result of our photo opp:


Frankie had to dash off to a panel, so I decided to chance getting into the Dan & Phil panel. I shouldn’t have bothered really; I should have known that I’d never get in! I felt so bad for my friends though; some of my friends had been queuing for the best part of 3 hours and then missed out because of a security mix-up. Part of me still wonders why they weren’t given a slot on the main stage – if their subscriber count wasn’t a strong enough indicator of their popularity, the fact that 3000 people listed them as first choice on the ballot certainly should have been. I really wanted to see them, especially since I had missed out on the ballot – so I used my head, got something to eat and headed to the main stage, which was relatively quiet due to the number of musicians playing in such a short space of time. I had 90 minutes to kill before the YouTube awards at 6pm – but the guys had to get at least one plaque, right?

The first act I saw was Elyar Fox. I won’t lie, I didn’t realise it was him until THAT song came on. I must have missed the part where he introduced himself! Like all other sets, his slot was pretty short – but I enjoyed watching him. I also couldn’t get ‘Do It All Over Again’ out of my head for at least a month afterward.


He was followed by Area 11, who I was really impressed with. I didn’t expect there to be much of a rock presence at SitC really; I saw that Fearless Vampire Killers were playing on the Sunday and lost hope, because I’m not a fan of them! But Area 11 were very good; I mentioned in a video a while back that they remind me of The Blackout. The lead singer reminds me of Gavin Butler SO much (even though he looks nothing like him, but his vocal is kinda similar).


During Elyar’s set, I edged closer and closer to the barrier at the front, then managed to grab a place right at the barrier near the centre. Perfect view of the YouTube Awards! The awards were presented by Niki & Sammy – so many people received their play button for 100,000 subscribers. Seeing so many people achieve great things really inspired me to work hard on my YouTube content and my college course so that I can be the best that I can be. Then it was time for the 1 million subscriber awards. It was great to see Emma Blackery get her recognition – I’ve watched Emma for ages and I love how honest she is. I just wish she didn’t get as much backlash for speaking her mind – she doesn’t mean to offend anyone, some people just take her comments out of context and then go all ape on her. Dan & Phil came on to pick up their million subscriber award for the gaming channel, which was then supplemented by a 100,000 subscriber plaque for Dan & Phil Crafts (literally the most backfired April Fools joke EVER). I came away from the awards happy that I got to see the guys – I even got a sneaky photo of them posing with their cardboard cut-outs backstage:


After the awards I headed back to the hotel – partially because I was exhausted, partially because my phone had died. Time to get ready for Sunday…


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