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Summer Favourites: Beauty!

October 6, 2016

Let’s kick off the summer favourites with my go-to beauty products of the season. Some are relatively new purchases, and others have been in the collection for a while!

summer favourites

First up is one of my two current favourite palettes. I picked up the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave palette earlier this year. But, I’ve been a little reluctant to try out all of the shades. I have a tendency to stick with what I know; after all, who wants to take off their eye makeup because the colours don’t blend?! I took this palette to Summer in the City with me; with 32 shades, I knew I’d be able to find a look for every outfit. My favourite shades from the palette at the moment are Creme and Glimmer blended into the crease for a bit of shimmer. I also use Ice Cloud just in the inner corner to make my eyes a little bigger! I love that there are both shimmery and matte shades in the palette – it’s one of the most versatile ones I own!

summer favourites

Next we have the other palette I’ve been loving recently. I go through phases with this palette; it’s been in my collection for ages and every so often I find myself going back to it. I think it’s something to do with the name of the palette – this is Makeup Revolution’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome palette (if you were born in the 80s, you’ll get the reference!). This palette has a lot of neutral tones with the occasional pop of 80s colour. I have a tendency to stick with the neutrals on this palette (I swear by Xanadu for a base shadow) although occasionally I’ll venture into the turquoise Sell It By The Hour shade if I’m feeling daring!

summer favourites

I recently picked up my first NYX products from Boots, and this one has been guaranteed to feature in my summer favourites since I bought it. NYX Doll Eye Mascara in Volume Black is perfect for a fluttery lash look – it’s less dramatic than my usual mascara, but still bold enough to wear on a night out. I personally love wearing this during the day, as the fluttery lash effect makes me feel all glam and girlie! It’s possibly the most lightweight mascara I’ve ever used – and I believe this also comes in a waterproof version, as well as a formula aimed at lengthening lashes too.


My favourite nail polish of summer comes courtesy of Kylie Jenner for Sinful Color in Kryptonite. I absolutely love wearing green and blue shades on my nails; and Sinful Color appear to have the most chip-resistant formula of my collection. At £3, it was an absolute steal in Superdrug – 2 coats of this polish, and I was chip free for almost a week. That’s practically unheard of now! It dries with a gorgeous glossy shine, even without the accompanying top coat – although it has to be said, I picked that up too.

summer favourites

My final summer favourite is the newest perfume on my dressing table. I stopped off at Victoria’s Secret recently (one of the perks of flying from Glasgow!) and spent about 20 minutes smelling all the gorgeous fragrances. There were so many I could have bought! I eventually decided on Sheer Love, which comes in a cute little pink rectangular bottle. It smells sweet, almost like watermelon, but not too strong. I love wearing it during the day – it makes me feel super girlie (plus it’s Victoria’s Secret, who doesn’t feel incredible wearing anything by Victoria’s Secret?!) I can’t find the product on their website, but I’ve linked the fragrance mist HERE.

That concludes my summer beauty favourites – next up, we’ll have fashion!

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