Summer Favourites: Beauty!

October 4, 2015

Here’s the penultimate post on my summer favourites. This one focuses on beauty products and makeup; we all know I enjoy a good old spree in Boots and Superdrug (and MAC if I’m feeling particularly flush) so I thought I’d show you some of my favourite products from the past couple of months. Some have just been purchased, others are old favourites that I’ve been using lots over the summer.


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Skincare is probably a good place to start! I’m a huge fan of Lush face masks – I’ve posted about the Cosmetic Warrior one previously, and this is one that my parents bought me for my birthday. Mask of Magnaminty comes in both fresh and self-preserving products, and is ideal for problematic skin. It’s not quite as pungent as Cosmetic Warrior thanks to the omission of garlic; this one uses peppermint as the primary ingredient (fantastic pun in the name) and also includes honey and kaolin to help cleanse the skin and minimise breakouts. The grainy texture also doubles as an exfoliator. I love Lush face masks because they don’t irritate my skin (which is no mean feat, by the way) and they’re really good value for money when you consider that the little sachets found in drugstores are usually around £1 each. I’ll definitely be buying this one again! That said, I’m kind of used to the garlic smell of Cosmetic Warrior now…


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I’ve been using this foundation for nearly a year now, and I absolutely love it to bits. MAC Studio Fix Fluid is a medium coverage foundation that lasts really well – I won’t lie, it’s the only MAC foundation I’ve tried, but I’m happy with it. I did consider trying Pro Longwear, but it seems MAC are yet to realise the demand for their lighter shades. I use NW13, which is only available in one or two products (none of which is a liquid concealer, much to my disappointment). If anyone saw the photos of the day I got sunburnt at my friend’s wedding, you’ll know the SPF15 works a treat (the rest of me resembled a lobster -it wasn’t pretty). I apply this foundation with a MAC 190 brush, although I recently saw Tanya Burr apply her foundation with a Real Techniques sculpting brush – I normally use that brush for contour, but I’m tempted to give it a go! I don’t wear my MAC foundation every day, but I have been using it more frequently over the past 6 weeks. It’s so buildable and easy to blend.. even for an amateur like me!



I’ve had these brushes for ages, but I only started using them this summer. 3 of these 4 brushes form part of the Real Techniques Eye Starter Pack (with the exception of the shading brush, second from right) and come in a nifty carry case. You can pick them up in Boots or Superdrug – but I always buy my Real Techniques brushes from Amazon, they’re so much cheaper. Before using these, I had a few Superdrug Pro brushes – I liked them, but I found that I always lost a few bristles when cleaning them. But at the same time, I was pretty comfortable using them – the Real Techniques brushes are a slightly different shape, so I was a tad wary of using them before a big night out in case I resembled a clown! I needn’t have worried; these are the best eye brushes I’ve ever owned. The base shadow brush (second from left) is the perfect size for applying colour all over the lid, whereas the slightly smaller shading brush is ideal for adding depth from the outer corner into the crease. The deluxe crease brush (far left) blends like a dream, but the one I’m most impressed with is the accent brush (far right). I’ve never used such a small brush, and it’s perfect for adding detail or little pops of colour along the lash line. Real Techniques are my absolutely favourite brushes by a mile!


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The Revolution Iconic 2 Palette has been my everyday palette for weeks now. It might look a tad similar to a slightly more expensive range of palettes, but I’m not paying £37 for the Naked palettes until I’m an absolute pro with eye make up! This version is only £8 and is ideal for n00bs like me – everyday, I tend to use the far left shade as a base shadow, the 6th from left to add some depth and the 3rd from left in the inner corner to open up my eyes. The brush that comes with the palette isn’t the greatest (when are they ever?) but it’s not too bad at getting into the inner corner. The palette has a combination of shimmery and matte shades, which I love too. I never used to bother wearing everyday eyeshadow – I used to save eye colour for nights out (and it was BRIGHT), but now I’m addicted! Don’t know if I’ll be buying Iconic Palettes 1 and 3 just yet, though…


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You know how I just mentioned bright colours for evening make up? Here we are! I’ve spoken about my Revolution Eyes Like Angels Palette before, so I won’t ramble too much – this is the palette I took to SitC with me, and it was perfect. I love how there are so many colours that work together – and some that totally don’t, as you might see on my YouTube channel soon! I was surprised by the shades that I like most too – the orange/copper shades are stunning, and the blue/purple ones are gorgeous too. The eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented, as I discovered one day when trying a dark green! This palette was only £8 too and I think it’s a great cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay Electric palette (there is a brighter palette than this one, but I wasn’t feeling that brave when I went shopping!)


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Like nude eyeshadows, I was never a fan of nude lips. I didn’t really see the point – but oh my gosh, I’m converted! My lips aren’t particularly thin, but every girl strives for full lips, don’t they? Rimmel recently brought out a new Kate Moss nude range which includes various products – I went for one of the darker nude lipsticks in shade 45. It feels so moisturising and I think it makes my lips look fuller (although that could just be me!) I did buy a lipliner to go with it, but I haven’t tried using it yet – I think I might need to start practising though! I’m going between nude lips and berry lips at the moment – I think as we move into the winter months, berry will triumph. Nude is perfect for when you want a natural matte look. I feel so late to the party on this one!


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MAC lipsticks are my favourite ever. They feel so moisturising, they last for ages without having to re-apply… Perfection! I’m loving Impassioned, which is a pink colour with coral undertones to stop it looking too Barbie-ish. It’s quite a bright shade, so it’s not for the faint hearted – and not for a bright eye look either! I wore this recently to a party and opted for a very basic nude eye look with minimal eyeliner/mascara to avoid looking a bit over the top. I like wearing it with my pink heart sweater from my previous favourites post for a cutesy girlie look!


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This shade is another daring one. It looks more pink in this shot, but it’s actually a dark purple called Rebel. When applied though, it resembles the colour above. I wanted a really dark strong lip colour for going into winter – the pink/purple was nice for summer, but I’ve just invested in a MAC lipliner called Nightmoth (if you haven’t seen it, Tanya Burr used it in her most recent autumn tutorial and it’s to DIE FOR) which will darken the colour so much. I also bought a darker blush at the same time, so there might be another make up haul going up soon! I’m loving experimenting with new shades. Lipstick is definitely my product of 2015!



My final beauty favourites of summer go to some of Zoella’s second batch of products. These have been out for a few months now, and I’m obsessed with them! I was a huge fan of the initial range, especially the Blissful Mistful fragrance. Let’s Spritz is absolutely lush – I’ve said it before, I’m hopeless at describing scents! It smells slightly more fruity than the previous one and is perfect as a daytime fragrance. Even my boss bought it! My only critique is that frequent re-spray is required – but it smells so good that I don’t care (and it’s only £8). I was a little sceptical of using the lip balm as it was only £3 and didn’t look particularly luxurious when I unscrewed the lid – not to mention the bright pink colour! When applied though, it just gives a nice shimmer to the lips as well as extra moisture. At the moment I’m more into my lipsticks (if you hadn’t figured that out already) but as the weather deteriorates I think I’ll be reaching for this more often.

That concludes part 2 of my summer favourites – coming up next, other random bits and bobs! :)

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