Summer Favourites: Fashion!

September 27, 2015

The summer is officially over. I’m one of those nostalgic people that likes to reflect and remember the good times, and this summer has been pretty awesome. I wanted to show you guys some of my favourite things from the past few months – some I’ve specifically bought during the summer, whilst others have been firm favourites regardless of the time of purchase. If you’ve seen any of my haul videos, some of the items may seem familiar; I’m a tad enthusiastic about things I love! I’ve decided to split my favourites into 3 categories to avoid overloading you with a million photos at once.

I’m not exactly a fashionista, and I’ll never claim to be; I’ll almost always choose comfort over style, unless I REALLY love something. That being said, I do like to experiment with more edgy clothes once in a while (and I’d love to do it more often!) so my wardrobe is a bit of a mix. Day-to-day, I can look slightly tomboyish because I’m always in jeans and a tee or a hoodie. Part of that is because I like to be comfy in class; part is due to the fact that I love my bed and just throw clothes on in a rush. Even when I’m working, I tend to stick with trousers and flat shoes or boots – I do have some really cute work dresses, but those involve heels so they rarely see the light of day! Plus, the temperature in my office fluctuates more that I can possibly tell you, so it’s difficult to find suitable attire. Here are some of my favourite items from over the summer:

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I bought this sweater before flying down to Summer in the City, and I wore it to my meet & greet with Cherry Wallis. It’s H&M at their finest, with a scoop neck and cropped sleeves in the cutest baby pink colour and black hearts all over. I’m a massive fan of cutesy prints (I’m considering having a Japanese-themed online spree because I love their fashion so much!) and I’m really into cropped styles at the moment – although in my defence, that’s pretty much all that some high street stores are selling at the moment. The sweater goes perfectly with high-waisted jeans or trousers, and the neckline is suitable for wearing to work as part of a more playful office look.


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I really wish I’d bumped into Marina Joyce at SitC this year, because I think she’d have appreciated this sweatshirt more than most people! That being said, I did spot someone wearing it in college a week after I did. H&M really came up trumps before my London trip. This oversized sweatshirt is a really light grey colour with black felt detail on the front – it’s super warm and comfortable, and again goes really well with jeans. My only critique of this item relates to the material; like most hoodies and sweatshirts, the inside of this is very fluffy until washed. Anyone who’s watched my Summer Favourites video might have spotted that my Binx jeans were somewhat fluffy at the waistband; three guesses what I wore them with! I’d recommend washing the sweatshirt inside out to avoid ruining the felt transfer, there’s nothing quite like the pain of ruining transfers (especially if it’s something you’ve just bought!)


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Clearly I’m such a model with my awkward stance! This t-shirt was a birthday present from my sister, and I absolutely love it. It’s a well-known fact that I’m obsessed with Big Hero 6 (to the extent that I’m trying to get one of the guys I work with to dress up as Baymax for Halloween) and my sister is literally THE best person when it comes to buying presents. It’s from a company called Redbubble, who I’ve bought quite a few of my tees from – designers upload their designs, then you can choose what product you want the design printed on – from t-shirts, to hoodies, to even tote bags! There’s a wide variety of colours for maximum customisation, and there’s hundreds of designs for every fandom. Again, always wash inside out to avoid transfer damage!


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I was so happy with this purchase, I actually snapchatted half of my friends to prove I’d actually bought it. I’ve had an obsession with mustard clothing for years; I remember seeing a mannequin in Topshop and it was dressed in the most adorable dark green pinafore dress with a mustard top and mustard tights with chunky platform shoes. Up until that point, I had always seen mustard as being a somewhat dull shade, but I ended up buying the pinafore and tights the following week (I couldn’t find the top which bitterly disappointed me). Come to think of it, that pinafore is still in my wardrobe – further evidence that I don’t dress up for work very often! Anyway, I’ve been saying for the past few years that I wanted to invest in a new mustard jumper; but every year, me and my friend would hit the shops, and every year I’d come back without one. I almost got one last year after Zoella bought one from Joy – let’s just say Zoe is a lot thinner than me, so that never happened! I stumbled across this one in Oasis, which is a shop I don’t normally go into. It has a brickwork-style pattern on the front, and has cropped sleeves which give it a slightly more feminine feel. It’s ideal for any daytime wear, whether that be work, university, or even just out for lunch with friends. My mum was so impressed with the one I bought, she went out the following week and bought a really similar one. In this photo I’m wearing high-waisted jeans, which you can quite evidently see underneath the jumper – I’ll go for low-rise ones next time!


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These jeans are my new favourite jeans EVER. It’s only been in the past couple of years that I’ve really embraced the ripped jeans style – I always thought it looked scruffy, but now I love it! I saw these super ripped Jamie jeans in Topshop a couple of months ago and fell in love with them – but part of me was a little insecure because some of the rips go up into the thighs, and that’s the one area of my body I don’t like. At the same time, I really loved the standard ripped Jamie jeans, which just have the one rip in each knee; I couldn’t afford both, so I was torn between the two (if you’ll excuse the awful pun, I’ve been watching a lot of Evan Edinger content recently). I thought it over for a couple of weeks before deciding that passing on something I loved just because of an insecurity wasn’t a precedent I wanted to set for myself. So I bought them, and I’m so glad I did. They’re so much more edgy than the other Jamie jeans (although let it be known that I’ve lost count of the amount of pairs of those I have in my wardrobe) and I’m so pleased that I haven’t let insecurities get the better of me!

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I’ve meaning to buy a pair of brogues for AGES. In fact, I’ve been meaning to buy a new pair of smart flat shoes in general for ages. Most females have the standard black ballet pump-style shoes (affectionately termed “dolly shoes”) which they wear to work, but since I have wide-fit feet, I can’t always find ones that fit me. 5’3 with size 3-4 feet that are too fat to fit in a normal shoe; you couldn’t make that up. I’m fine with wider-set shoes such as trainers and boots, but I struggle with heels or brogues. New Look are my go-to store for wide-fit shoes, because I feel that they have a good variety as opposed to a little stand in the corner. These beauties are real leather (sorry vegans) and only cost £28. They come in a tan colour too which I also liked, but I couldn’t justify buying them both! They have a very similar shoe in a standard fit for the majority as well – don’t miss out just because your feet aren’t as wide as mine! These are my new shoes for work – I’ve been forced to wear my Doc Martens for the past 6 months at least because I couldn’t find any smart shoes I liked! That being said, Scotland is a rather cold country where it can snow unexpectedly, so the boots might be back sooner than you think…

That brings me to the end of my favourite fashion items of the summer. Next up: beauty products and make up! :)

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