Summer Favourites: Random!

October 25, 2015

Making time for blog posts really isn’t my strong point at the moment! That being said, it feels like we’ve gone straight from summer to winter where I live, so technically I’m not that far off track XD This is my final post on my favourites of the summer; we’ve already had fashion and beauty, so it’s time for everything else! There’s a few random items in there, but I love each and every one <3


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Let’s get the obvious one out of the way, shall we? One of my most listened-to albums of the summer was of course “Future Hearts” by All Time Low. When I first bought the album back in April, I was slightly sceptical of the new sound; but the more I listened to it, the more I loved it – and then I travelled to Edinburgh in August to see the guys play their warm-up show for Reading & Leeds. The show was amazing, apart from me almost passing out and looking like an absolute riot cos it was far too hot. The hype has continued since August due to the fact that I’m basing my radio coursework around All Time Low, and also since I’m seeing two of their arena shows in February 2016 – one in Glasgow, and one in Birmingham. Birmingham is going to be INCREDIBLE as I’m being reunited with lots of my SitC friends <3 I’ve gushed about the album before, so I’ll keep this section short.

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Summer in the City 2015 holds so many awesome memories for me. On that note, the rest of my SitC blog posts are on the way, I haven’t forgotten about them! The weekend was so fun, yet so surreal at the same time. To see so many people that you watch regularly just walking around like the normal people they are is somewhat abnormal to my brain! I remember seeing Emma Blackery on stage accepting her 1 million subscriber plaque and I felt as though I knew her, even though I’d never met her in my life. I guess that’s what YouTube does – hopefully some of you feel like you know me, too. The announcements for SitC 2016 are coming soon – since Playlist in Orlando is looking unlikely, SitC is an absolute definite for next year. I keep my wristbands from every event I go to – they remind me of the great times I’ve had.

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Jim Chapman is literally my spirit animal. When I found out that he was releasing a stationery collection, I was over the moon (for anyone who doesn’t know, I’m a major stationery hoarder. If there’s a cute notebook in existence, I already own it). But when I actually saw his range, I could have squealed. It’s just so me! I was determined that this had to be my college stationery for the year – I won’t lie, I refused to pay £8 for a pen, I am a student after all. But the pencil case gives my class a giggle (and I love the fact that it’s transparent too, the days of hunting for a USB pen are long gone) and the ringbinder is perfect for storing all my notes from class when I get home. As yet, I’m still trying to find content for the notepad – I can’t just scribble in it and waste it! But it’s A5, so it’s perfect for popping in your bag without weighing you down.

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Continuing with the college theme – HOW AMAZING IS MY BACKPACK?! I found this online after Dan and Phil released a backpack through their online store as a collaboration with Spiral. Although I loved the style of their backpack, I wasn’t entirely sold on the colours, so I went onto Spiral’s website to see what their other backpacks looked like. Let me tell you, there were SO many that I wanted. There’s lots with a galaxy-style print like mine (I think mine was the Saturn print) and there was one which I think had a Tokyo traffic style print – that one was sold out when I placed my order, or else I might have ended up with two! The backpack is really sturdy and comes with a section in the main compartment for a laptop/tablet as well as a hidden zip compartment inside. There’s also the front compartment plus a hole for headphones too. The backpacks are so affordable too, it anyone’s looking for a new backpack for the new semester (cos we all change our bags at New Year, don’t we?!) then I’d definitely recommend Spiral.

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Some might argue these would come under fashion, but who cares?! I’m obsessed with cat ears, I have been for a couple of years and I’ve always struggled to find ones I liked. I found these diamante ones in New Look (in the sale, even better) and thought they were super cute! The fact that they’re metal means they’re super sturdy, and the ears themselves are quite small, so they’re ideal if you don’t want to stand out a mile when walking down the street. It did dawn on me after buying them that I’d walked into the shop wearing a cat jumper… I’m not a crazy cat lady, I swear!


You might have seen these in the background of some of my more recent videos – my friend bought me these adorable tsum tsums for my birthday! In case anyone doesn’t recognise them, its Sven and Olaf from Frozen – we all know I have a mild obsession with that film. I’ve sat them on my chest of drawers just under my TV, so when I’m watching DVD or gaming on my consoles I can see them. If you’re watching my videos, you’ll usually spot them just to the left of me! I’ll need to buy more though, Laura’s fuelled an addiction…


This book is my new cooking bible. I love Rapha’s videos because they’re so fun, and because his recipes are really easy to follow. I ordered the book a couple of months ago and loved the simplicity of it – it also has exclusive online content too! I went to the local supermarket and stocked up on all the ingredients (which cost a small fortune, baking soda only ever comes in massive tubs!) and so far, I’ve only tried one of his recipes… but it was amazing! I’m now addicted to baking gingerbread cookies, and my family loves eating them too. There’s lots more that I want to try, it’s just a case of finding the time (and making sure people are home so that I don’t eat them all by myself).

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NO SPOILERS! I haven’t finished watching these yet, but OMG I’m obsessed. Attack On Titan is the first anime I’ve watched (I vaguely remember an ex-boyfriend of mine trying to make me watch Akira years ago with no subtitles and I just fell asleep). I had wanted to watch one for a while, but I didn’t really know where to start – and numerous friends suggested starting with Attack On Titan. I watched a few episodes online, and absolutely loved them – the buffering was seriously trying my patience, so I caved and bought both parts on DVD. I don’t generally get feels from watching programmes, but this has had me in tears and gasping and on the edge of my seat. I’ve still got a few episodes to go, but it’s gonna be a while before the next part comes out – and I don’t fancy watching the live film version! I am however trying to get my hands on a Mikasa vinyl pop character – it will be mine.

That wraps up my summer favourites for 2015 – hopefully my winter ones will be a bit more timely! :)

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