• When Time Runs Away From You

    March 19, 2017

    It feels strange; sitting at my desk, blogging. I haven’t blogged in around 2 months. I haven’t made a YouTube video in the same period of time. Time has run away from me. In pretty much every aspect of my life. I made a conscious decision in January to take a step back from YouTube…

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  • update

    Update: College, Volunteering & The ‘B’ Word

    December 6, 2016

    An update is necessary from time to time. It’s especially necessary when I haven’t been particularly active! It’s been a good few weeks since I was able to sit down and record a video. In fact, that’s a lie; I did manage to record 3 videos in one day when I had an unexpected day…

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  • college

    What I Really Learned in My First Year of College

    September 5, 2016

    I’ve been considering writing this post since June. What I learned in my first year of college. I went back and forth between wanting to write about it, and then deciding against it. The reason for that was because, in all honesty, I didn’t feel like I learned very much at all. That might sound…

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  • My Short Film: I Did It!

    June 9, 2016

    I’ve been going on about my short film for college for what seems like forever now, but I promise this is the final post! After this, I’ll say no more about it – because it’s finally all done and dusted. I thought I should let you know how everything panned out after I handed in…

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  • Embracing the Positives: A Good Week!

    January 19, 2016

    This blog post wasn’t really planned at all; however, I’ve had a pretty good week in some respects and I thought I would document it so that I can look back and think “no matter how crappy things get, I kicked ass that week!” It’s crazy how being productive can make you feel euphoric. Shattered,…

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