The FreeStyle Libre and DAFNE

April 23, 2018
FreeStyle Libre and DAFNE

It certainly doesn’t feel like almost 5 weeks since I posted on my blog – time really is flying this year! The same point could be argued with my latest YouTube video. I recorded it in early March, yet I only managed to edit it last weekend. But this week on the channel, we’re talking all things diabetes – mainly the FreeStyle Libre and the DAFNE course.

I’ve already spoken at length on the blog about my DAFNE experience, so I won’t repeat myself. But I don’t recall discussing the FreeStyle Libre on this platform. If I’ve had a memory blank, please forgive me!

My YouTube video pretty much covers my thoughts on the FreeStyle Libre – but the extent of the technology is worth mentioning twice! The FreeStyle Libre is a revolutionary way for diabetics to check their blood glucose. Instead of pricking a finger, the Libre sensor attaches to the back of the arm. A simple scan by the accompanying meter will display an instant result. A reading is taken by the sensor every 60 seconds. The results are then displayed as a line graph, so a user can see how their levels spike or drop in between tests.

It sounds crazy, right?

The sensor lasts 2 weeks, before it has to be replaced with a new one. Here in the UK, the sensors aren’t fully available on the NHS yet – although each NHS Trust is responsible for rolling them out. Fingers crossed they’ll be available all over the country soon! In the meantime, the sensors can be purchased directly from Abbott – they cost in the region of £50 each, so it works out rather pricey if using them constantly. That being said, the data has proved invaluable to me. It’s not something that I would (or could afford to) buy all the time, but I’m definitely considering purchasing another one soon.

Check out the Abbott website for further info (link above) and let me know your thoughts!

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