A Trip To Lush…

March 7, 2016

Here’s a plain and simple statement: I like Lush. I like their products, I like their stores, I like the attitude of the brand… I don’t like their delivery charges.

Lush is one of those stores where I don’t like visiting to pick up just one product; chances are, if I go in for one product, I’ll come out with quite a few more. The sales staff are very knowledgeable, and therefore VERY good at sales. If I go in with a little list of what I’m looking for, I’m much less likely to stray from those items.

My most sought-after product was the Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask – I’ve bought this mask several times following a recommendation from the lovely sales staff, and I’ve also written a review on it which you can see HERE. I go between this face mask and Mask of Magnaminty frequently; out of the two, I prefer Cosmetic Warrior because it tackles any blemishes more quickly (and unfortunately, my skin has been rather temperamental recently!) but there’s no denying that the smell of garlic just isn’t for everyone! It’s a fresh mask, so it should be kept in the fridge – and I’ve already warned my dad in case he dives into the fridge without wearing his glasses and mistakes the tub for cream cheese…

Next was a recommendation from Cherry Wallis. Cherry is someone whose opinion I hold in high regard – we tend to use a lot of the same products and brands, and her makeup is always flawless. She spoke about the Bubblegum lip scrub in one of her recent videos and it really appealed to me – with the cold winter weather and constant exposure to central heating plus office air con, my lips have certainly seen better days! I’ve been keeping them moisturised but it’s always good to exfoliate them too – and this stuff tastes AMAZING. It’s a sugar scrub, and you only need to use a little; it leaves your lips feeling perfectly soft and kissable!

Finally, I’ve been toying with the idea of bath bombs for ages. I love my bubble baths, but I’ve been seeing so many photos across Instagram and Snapchat of these gorgeous bath bombs that I just had to pick some up! First up was the Frozen one (I am literally Elsa after all) which contains grapefruit oil, neroli oil and rose oil, and then the colours of the Intergalactic bath bomb drew me in! The sales assistant advised that Intergalactic is their best seller, and with those colours it’s no surprise. The main ingredient is peppermint oil, coupled with grapefruit oil, cedarwood oil and vetivert oil  – and there’s even popping candy in it. I haven’t had time to try out my bath bombs yet – but I’m SO excited!

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