Unproductive Holiday and London Trip

December 1, 2014

Let me start this post by saying that I had SO many good plans and intentions for my time off work. I was going to film lots of videos for you guys, I was going to blog lots, I was going to see some friends, I was going to London… that I actually forgot the reason I needed a break in the first place. I was exhausted, burnt out. There’s been so much going on behind the scenes in the past 6 months (thinking about things in a timeframe like that is actually terrifying to me) and I had been trying to do so much that I had reached breaking point. Part of me felt as though I reached it months ago, but you have no choice other than to take what’s thrown at you.

Now, I did actually manage to do all of the things mentioned above. Not as much as I had planned, i.e. I did one blog post on the train whilst going to see a friend, but to be honest if I had managed to film lots of video content and edit it all whilst going away and sorting other stuff, I’d have gone back to work even more tired than when I left (and I didn’t even have the energy to dance out the door when I finished). So I let my hair down (metaphorically of course…) and just chilled.

I finished work on Thursday 13th November – by that point I had decided that although I needed some TLC, my hair needed precisely the opposite – more peroxide. Anyone with dyed hair will understand where I’m coming from here – once you get sight of the roots, you instantly feel less confident about your appearance. And I’m gonna sound incredibly vain, but I despise filming with bad hair. Especially when I was planning to vlog my trip to London. So the best part of Friday was spent in the hair salon – I don’t think my hair is any brighter than usual, but everyone has been loving it! I’m not one for a dull hairdo.

The weekend was spent doing what I love most – making videos! Both videos are now live – I’ll post links in a separate post. I’m still trying to work out a routine for filming – but when I get an opportunity, carpe diem! Pretty much the only Latin I know. It sounds silly but I actually love editing – I must be really vain to enjoy staring at my own face for hours.

On Monday I headed off to see the lovely Frankie – interesting collab done! I’m not sure when the video will go live, but I’ll let you know when it does – lots of silly challenges and more humiliation. On Monday night we met up with some friends and went to see the Pop Punk’s Not Dead tour featuring New Found Glory, The Story So Far, State Champs, Candy Hearts and Only Rivals – I won’t say too much about the show right now because a new gig round-up video will going up soon. It’s been way too long since I did one of those!

Tuesday was Christmas shopping day. My mum and I decided to make the most of being off at the same time and try to get as much done as possible. Saying that, I only bought one present! It was just nice to spend some time with my mum – there’s always so much going on that we don’t get many opportunities to do something together. We met some friends for lunch in the Hard Rock Cafe too. It was my first time in any of their restaurants, and the food was awesome – although there was a bit too much on the plate for me (coming from a self-confessed greedy pig).

I was a bit apprehensive about Wednesday, as I had agreed to go visit some relatives with my gran and aunt.. Except I’d never met these other relatives before. I’m a bit socially awkward in that I don’t really speak unless spoken to if I’m surrounded by people I don’t know, which can make me look uninterested or bored. I’m quite shy really! But the day went really well, everyone was so lovely. I also got interrogated by a 6 year old; even though her mum gave me prior warning, you can never really prepare yourself for what a kid is gonna come out with. I got off lightly, having to explain why I have short hair, how my hair is not naturally this colour and why I have a nose ring.. She later emerged with a Haribo ring in her nose like a septum piercing (this had NOTHING to do with me I swear) which was actually kinda cute.

Thursday… I can’t actually remember what I did on Thursday. I think it was one of those days where I planned to tidy and do laundry and de-clutter my room, but instead I sat on YouTube and Twitter and the Hay Day app on the iPad (I really do have some sort of addiction to that app). I then remembered that I had to book a taxi for 5.15am, therefore had to be up at 4am, and I hadn’t actually checked in for my flights to London, sorted my bag or charged my camera. Cue panic that resulted in me getting to bed at 12.30am and falling asleep around 2am.

Friday was just mental to be honest. I said after doing Creator Day at Summer in the City that I would never do a London day trip again, because it’s one of the most exhausting things I’ve ever done. But I had a look at the hotel prices and because of the time of year, you weren’t getting much for your money. But I needed to get away and I saw cheapish flights online… All of a sudden being tired didn’t seen so bad! I got the 7am flight to Heathrow and slept most of the way there, then made my way into Central London on the tube. Anyone with a good eye for detail might notice that in my video, I have a slight back tint in my fringe – that wasn’t me trying to look edgy, that was me trying to do my (waterproof) eyeliner at 9am in London Heathrow whilst still half asleep. Clearly didn’t work out too well!

Whenever I go to London I have a clear plan of what I’m doing and when I’m doing it. Otherwise, I find that time just runs away from me. So when I got into London I headed to my first port of call – Drop Dead. I absolutely love their clothes, even if some are a bit out there (even for me!) but I picked up a tee while I was there. The new collection literally just arrived last week, so I’m definitely going back when I’m down next week. Next I wandered round Carnaby which was really pretty with the Christmas banners up before heading to Pull & Bear. I really wish there was a branch in Glasgow, I love that shop! I treated myself to a new tee and crew neck which you’ll be able to see in my new video – I’m in love with green shades at the moment. The rest of the morning consisted of spending far too long in Selfridges. It was my first time in there, you could honestly spend hours if you had the time. The confectionery department is just absolutely insane, they have everything you could think of! I also nearly bought an M by Marc Jacobs phone case but it didn’t fit my phone.. Gutted!

After wandering round Selfridges for ages (I kept finding myself back in the beauty department – whether that was instinct or loss of bearings I have no idea) I decided to grab some lunch seeing as I hadn’t eaten much all day. Words can’t describe how excited I was about my lunch; that must sound nuts I know! I first heard about Leon through watching one of Jim Chapman’s vlogs and the food just looked so awesome! There’s one on Regent Street so I headed along and opting for a meatball lunchbox, which is about 8 small meatballs in a tomato sauce with rice. It was lush, but I wish there was more seating in their restaurants as the vast majority have to eat their food as take-out. I’ll definitely be back though, their hot boxes caught my eye as well…

It started raining whilst I was eating lunch and I had an hour to kill before meeting my friend down at Waterloo, so I decided to go for a wander round the Topshop flagship store on Oxford Street. I absolutely love that branch, so many floors and clothes EVERYWHERE. I only ever buy my jeans from Topshop so I like to spend ages looking at all the different cuts and shades in the London store – you’ve never seen so many pairs of jeans in your life. I’m also a fan of their socks for some reason, I think I have socks with pretty much every single animal on them. No purchases made this time round though! Darted back to Waterloo just in time for Sarah’s train getting in. It’s been over a year since the last time I saw her – she was one of my best friends when I lived down in Portsmouth, and she’s one of the few people I know that darts around the country more than me! But it was SO good to see her – we have this awful habit of not speaking for ages because we’re both so busy – but when we do get to see each other it’s like we’ve never been apart.

Since we know each other through the dance scene in Portsmouth, I thought it would be a good idea to take a class in London. The only problem was, neither of us had danced in 18 months. I think we’ve always got on so well because we’re a similar age and have always been in similar situations – at the moment we’re both far too busy to commit to classes like we used to. But classes at Pineapple Dance Studios are drop-in, and I love spending time there – I’ve done so many styles there including cheerleading, contemporary and various styles of street (including a hilariously bad attempt at breakdancing). I opted for a Commercial Hip Hop class cos it fit with our schedule and figured we could probably handle intermediate level as we have both danced for years. Turns out we were both a bit rusty in terms of remembering choreography – the class was difficult because the choreographer moves so quickly to get through the whole routine in less than an hour. I haven’t taken a class like that in years – even though I danced for a year up here, the choreography and culture of the classes were entirely different – it’s been around 3.5 years since I took such an intricate hip hop class. But it was so much fun, even if we were a bit cramped; the one down side to Pineapple is that even the biggest studios aren’t that big. I do miss dancing so much, and I always think about taking the odd class because I always said I wouldn’t stop, but trying to find time right now is rather problematic. That can be a goal for 2015 (as I don’t really believe in New Year resolutions) – attend more classes!

After the class finished it was time to head back to the airport – this was my first time flying from Heathrow, I’m very impressed with their departure lounge! The whole of Terminal 5 is pretty awesome actually, as soon as I found out there was a Wagamama in departures I was instantly more excited. I do like Wagamama. A lot. The duty free shop was pretty good as well, apart from the strange salesman who saw me in my skinny jeans and leather jacket and thought shouting “HEY! YOU ROCK!” would make me stop and smell the aftershave he was trying to sell (I didn’t stop by the way, but I’m pretty sure he saw me laughing as I walked past). I got on the plane and got all comfy and then ended up delayed by over an hour, stuck on the plane. Not particularly happy with British Airways on that front, especially as I was getting picked up in Glasgow. I got home just after midnight, practically fell into bed and slept for what felt like eternity. The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful. The highlight of Saturday was going out for a friend’s birthday which was fun, and Sunday I got to see more relatives and relax for a day before going back to work.

So that was my awesome week off in a nutshell! When my video about my London trip goes live I’ll post a link so you guys can check it out – even though the vlog was a massive fail I really enjoyed having my camera out with me just filming whatever I liked. Until my next post, here’s a couple of photos of me and Sarah looking very tired after our class (why the hell didn’t we take a photo before we took class?!) The photos also feature my accidentally dyed fringe…


I love my friends. I’m away to upload this video!

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