Winter Favourites: Fashion!

March 4, 2016

With Christmas and the horror that is surviving the economic crisis of January, I haven’t really been buying many clothes this winter! Therefore, this section of my favourites will be a tad brief. That being said, there is one new outfit that I absolutely ADORE – and some old favourite pieces of my clothing collection that have seen me through this awful weather!


Without a doubt, my favourite outfit of the winter has got to be the Kendall + Kylie two-piece set I bought from Topshop at the end of November. Topshop is one of those brands that I have a love/hate relationship with – their jeans are pretty much the only ones I’ll buy, but I often find that many of their clothes are manufactured to fit the Kendall Jenners of this world; over 5’7, with minimal curves. Too many times have I tried on an edgy-looking top to discover that there’s far too much material between my chest and shoulders, and not enough to cover my actual chest (and that’s not to suggest I have an above average chest, by the way!) But when the Jenners released their collection, I was curious; given that Kylie has ample curves in all the right places, surely their clothing should flatter various shapes and sizes? I had a look at the collection online and fell in love with it – but no store I walked into seemed to have it. By chance, I ended up flying to London for a business trip at the end of November, and managed to find the collection in the flagship Oxford Street store. There were so many items I could have bought, but I was obsessed with one of the prints – it’s sort of graffiti/spray-paint, and it’s pretty bold for me! I’m a huge fan of edgy clothing, and the unusual shapes really appealed to me, especially the asymmetric skirt. I tried the outfit on, then proceeded to send countless photos on Whatsapp to my trusted advisors (aka my mum and sister) before caving and buying it. At £45 per piece, it’s more than I would normally pay for a going out outfit – but I absolutely love it. I wore it to a friend’s birthday party recently – but I’m terrified of wearing it out clubbing. One spilled drink and it’s game over!


My other favourites of the season are of the ‘baggy and comfy’ variety. First up, we have some new pyjamas that I received as a Christmas present. Boux Avenue are my favourite shop for pyjamas and loungewear – everything is so cute and comfortable! I’m a huge fan of lounge pants that are tapered at the ankles (I’m so short that the non-tapered ones could constitute a health and safety risk). These ones have the most adorable star print all over them – they’re super soft and also wash really well. I team them with a really baggy top from the same collection – I’d definitely recommend purchasing a size down in the top, the one I’m wearing is a size 8-10 and it’s perfect. The only problem with these pyjamas (other than the top being unavailable online) is that I don’t want to get dressed in the morning!


My final fashion favourite is an old one, but a good one! I absolutely love hoodies – especially oversized ones. I have one main oversized one that I wear, and it’s from Kellin Quinn’s clothing range. Anthem Made have some awesome clothes; I’ve got a couple of hoodies and tees from them. This hoodie is a unisex small (which shows just how little I am!) but it’s perfect for when I wanna get comfy! It keeps the heat in, which is perfect for winter – and the length means I can wear it with leggings around the house without feeling self-conscious of having my bum on show! Anthem Made’s clothes are reasonably priced; the only issue is the shipping and customs charges on top! This particular hoodie is from an older collection, but you can check out their site HERE to see what’s in stock.

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