Winter Favourites: Random!

March 5, 2016

The final section of my winter favourites is based on a few random items I’ve been loving over the past few months that I can’t quite fit into any particular category!

My first favourite is OF COURSE my new DSLR. I’d been toying with the idea of buying a DSLR for a long time – but no one starts making YouTube videos with a DSLR unless they already own one! I’m not incredibly technically minded, so it took quite a while to learn about all the different functions and features (to be fair, I did consider doing a photography course… but with my awful little digital camera I owned at the time, it would have been an embarrassment).

After doing my research, I decided to go for the Canon 700D. I found a brilliant deal on the Jessops website – not only did I get the body, 18-55mm lens and 75-300mm lens, I also received £100 from Canon! The body of the camera is lightweight; when i first picked it up, it felt slightly bulky in comparison to my Canon Powershot, but I’m getting used to it now. The built-in flash is great; although I haven’t used the video function yet, I’ve been having great fun taking photos for the blog! I recently picked up the RC-6 remote – probably the worst thing you could give to a selfie fan like me! It’s a great alternative to using the self-timer function – those days of pressing the button and running into the shot are over!


Those of you who read my Summer Favourites posts last year might see a pattern emerging here… Last year I started watching Attack On Titan (a fantastic anime if anyone’s lost) and I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with one of the main characters. In any story, I always seem to prefer the strong female; Mikasa is no different. I love her bad-ass attitude and her determination to get things done regardless of cost. My sister bought me the POP figure as part of my Christmas present (nicely done Stef) and it sits right next to my Yuna figurine on my window sill. I picked up the plushie a few weeks ago in Tokyo Toys down in Birmingham – they’re opening a branch in Glasgow next month, and I CANNOT WAIT. I’m gonna be bankrupt! The detail on both items is incredible – and they probably won’t be the last AOT items I pick up. Mikasa cosplay might be on the cards…


My final favourite is yet another Christmas present from my sister! I’m always on-the-go, and even when I’m at home I’m always doing something, whether it’s coursework or blogging or recording (or eating!) As a way of getting me to sit on my butt and relax for a change, my sister bought me this gorgeous colouring book and pencils. I’ve always been a tad sceptical of the colouring trend, but it’s great fun! I just wish I had more time to do it, I can literally spend an evening just colouring away. Adult colouring books are so intricate and detailed; each pattern takes an eternity to complete so they’re definitely value for money! I’ve also just ordered myself a manga-style book too, which I’m really excited to start completing! I’ve seen so many different types surface recently, including colour by numbers and dot-to-dot books… this trend is showing no sign of slowing up!

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